Gifts for a Virgo Woman

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Gifting a picky, idealistic Virgo woman can be a bit tricky and require some thought. However, astrology can be a fantastic tool for helping you choose just the right gift for this sensitive and enigmatic woman who is feminine and sensual but also hardworking, independent, competent, organized, and efficient.

Suggestions for Employees and Co-workers

A Virgo woman is the most meticulous, punctual, organized, efficient, and selfless employee a boss can have. She's a problem solver and a problem fixer who is always willing to lend a hand to her co-workers. The same qualities that make her an ideal employee and co-worker also mean she puts a lot of stress on herself. Possibly the best gift for a Virgo employee or co-worker is one that says, you're appreciated for all you do, but it's also OK to relax and look after yourself.

Massage Gift Card

A relaxing massage is a wonderful gift for a hard-working Virgo woman. You can purchase a Massage Envy gift card at any of their physical locations or Massage Envy online. Price: about $75 - $150.

Desk Bonsai

Old Juniper Bonsai

A bonsai for her desk would be a unique gift choice. It's believed that the bonsai bring good luck, plus tending her bonsai will give this earthy woman a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of plant life during her busy day. A Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai would be a good choice. Price: about $27.

Relaxing Basket

Gift her a relaxing evening with a basket (about $7.50) containing bath soaking Herbivore Calm made with floral ylang-ylang and natural vanilla to relax the mind and body, and lightly detoxifying Himalayan pink salt crystals (about $18). Also include a bottle of a healthy red wine (about $20), and the book Tiny Beautiful Things (about $10). Total estimated price about $60.

Suggestions for Friends and Family

A Virgo woman family and friends are likely to know she is a perfectionist who is practical, into order and routine, has a penchant for being a health buff, is eco and socially conscious, and loves the natural world. Knowing all these things about her can inspire all sort of unique gift ideas.

Plant of the Month

Bring nature home with a monthly with a gift from Garden Box's Plant of the Month Gift Club. Order for one month or more, and each month she'll receive a different beautiful living plant in a uniquely chosen decorative planter. Price: about $22 to $222


Your nature lover will enjoy this LED Smart Brass Growhouse. It blends sleek elegance with smart technology. Price is about $190.

Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs are a healthy salt alternative, and she'll love seasoning with herbs that are growing in her kitchen. This vintage-inspired Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden uses a passive hydroponic system that will make growing her herbs easy. Price: about $20.00.

Subscription to a Health Magazine

Please the health buff in her with a subscription to a health magazine that will keep her up to date on the latest scientific information on fitness and nutrition. Oxygen, Women's Health, or Better Nutrition would be excellent choices. Prices for a yearly subscription range from about $16-$20.

Food Steamer

If she's health focused, she knows steaming food preserves its nutrients and can be done fat-free. So gifting this 3-tier electric steamer from Ovente steamer will make it easy and efficient for her to eat healthy by steaming her entire meal. Price: about $20

Personal Trainer

woman with personal trainer

If fitness is her game, give her ten visits of a personal trainer. Woman's Health says the cost of a private trainer can range from $30 to $160 per session.

Other Gifts for Your Virgo Friend or Family Member

Other gift ideas for a Virgo woman:

  • She's a productive woman who'd be thrilled with this Productivity Planner that allows her to rank all of her tasks and then rate her productivity. Price: about $24.95
  • She's also so analytical and curious and would also be fascinated with a handwriting analysis of her personality. Why not treat her to a full report from Price: $20 - $40
  • She's a woman who had a place for everything. So, this Strip Hanging Toiletry will organize her travel necessities, enabling her to have her favorite shampoo, makeup applicators, and everything else she needs to look and feel her best while traveling (Price: about $17).
  • You might also consider this full-length tilting mirrored jewelry armoire with a built-in lock will allow her to organize and safe-keep all her jewelry and other accessories in one convenient place (Price about $160)
  • This pink 105-piece tool set with case from Collections Etc. is a wonderful and practical gift for the this efficient and often mechanically inclined woman. Price: about $20.
  • You can take her awesome organizing ability to the next level with a gift certificate to California Closets. Gift certificates are available at Price: Varies
  • A wonderful gift for a clean and tidy Virgo woman would be a one-time deep cleaning of her home. HomeAdviser says the price ranges from about $200 to $300.

Suggestions for Lovers and Mates

romantic picnic

Though many of the gift ideas listed above might work, a Virgo woman is going to read all sorts of things into the gifts she gets, especially from her lover or mate, so if you're a lover or mate be sure your gift says the right thing. This sensitive, idealistic, and surprisingly romantic woman knows the difference between value and price and will pay more attention to what your gift says rather than it's cost.

A lover or mate should focus on emotional resonance when gifting his Virgo woman, which means the very best gift he could give her is something they can do together that indulges her idealistic vision of love or in some way connects and sparks the emotions of some perfect past moment they've shared.

The Importance of Venus in a Woman's Horoscope

The meaning of Venus is a little different for each sex. Most astrology book will say that Venus in a man's horoscope is what he's looking for in a woman. In a woman's horoscope, it is how she envisions herself - her perception of her femininity.

A Virgo Sun shining on a woman's Venus indicates she strives to perfect how she envisions herself. Consider these famous Virgo ladies; Fiona Apple (Venus in Leo conjunct Saturn), Beyonce Knowles (Venus in Libra conjunct Pluto, sextile Neptune), and Camron Diaz (Venus in Cancer).

As you can see from these examples, the sign and aspects of Venus result in a variety of Virgo women; some are earthier, others are glitzier, and others are the girl next door. So, it's important to notice how a Virgo woman presents her femininity and also take that into consideration when selecting the perfect gift for her.

Tips for Picking a Gift for a Virgo Woman

When it comes to selecting a gift for a Virgo woman be thoughtful and observant and consider what your gift says rather than the price tag. Always keep in mind she will read something into your gift and take into consideration that she's a woman who is:

  • Meticulous, mental, practical, observant, and pays attention to small details
  • Feminine and sensitive and prefers soft colors, soft scents, soft music, and soft classic styles
  • Earthy and loves the outdoors
  • Organized, has a place for everything and everything is put back where it belongs
  • Health conscious and into diet and exercise

Gifting a Virgo Woman

Gifting is an opportunity to show a person how well you know them and appreciate who they are. Thoughtful gift givers personalize their gifts by taking time to think about the recipient's personality and interests, and this is especially important for the Virgo women in your life.

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