Gifts for Libra Men

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Astrology can take a lot of the angst out of choosing the right gift for a Libra man. When gifting a Libra man, you should be thinking beautiful, tasteful, and aesthetically pleasing - with a personal and thoughtful touch. Many gifts will excite a Libra man; below are a few unique ideas to get your thoughts moving in the right direction.

Gift Suggestions for Friends and Family

If you have a family member or friend who's a Libra, you probably already know he's a fair-minded, generous, thoughtful man with an artsy and social nature, who seeks balance and harmony in his life.

Personal Playlist

Price: nothing but thought and time

A Libra man loves the beautiful sounds and harmonies of music. You could gift him with tickets to a concert or an evening at his favorite jazz club, or you could make your gift more personally his by creating a playlist of his favorite songs and then sharing it with him.

A Decision Maker

Price: about $18

The thinking Libra man has a lawyer's mind. He'll weigh everything, and as a result, he has problems making up his mind (right/wrong, fair/unfair, yes/no). This Magnetic Decision Maker Pendulum Ball would be a fun gift that could help him make some quick decisions.

THY COLLECTIBLES Magnetic Decision Maker (Multi Color)

A Personalized Journal

Price: about $13

A cerebral Libra often writes down his thoughts. Give him a place to record them and at the same time tell him what a good friend he is with this hard-cover personalized journal by JJLetterpress.

An Almost Macho Gift Set

Price: about $50

A Libra man is an (almost) macho, hot looking, and adventurous man, who has a fascination with scents. This Molton Brown's Black Peppercorn Gift Set for Men's fragrance has a unique smell that's masculine, hot, spicy and adventurous.

A Gift That Gives

Price: about $70

A Libra man loves to party, appreciates glam and glitz, and has a humanitarian streak. Not only does ONEHOPE Gold Glitter Brut Sparkling scream celebration, but every bottle sold also provides 15 meals to a child in need through WhyHunger.

Living Art

Price: about $60

The artsy Libra is all about aesthetic balance. This sealed EcoSphere, which contains shrimp, algae, and microorganisms in salt water, would be an aesthetically beautiful reminder of the harmony and balance in nature.

Light up His Life

Price for two: about $150

Friends and family light up a Libra man's life, and with the unique gift of two in-sync Long Distance Touch Lamps, you can quite literally light up his life from one room to another or from across the town or country. When you turn your lamp on with a simple touch, its mate lights up also.

For the Libra Man You Love

Libra guys are naturals in twosomes. As a matter of fact, he's a man who can be dependent on affirmations of your love. Any gift-giving occasion offers the perfect opportunity to find something extraordinarily romantic that affirms and celebrates your twosome.

A Commissioned Portrait

Price: depends on portrait

Touch your Libra man's heart with a personal portrait of the two of you. Xiaonan Sun is a Hollywood-commissioned artist who can bring the beauty of your love to paper. An exquisite art portrait of the two of you will excite your Libra man's artistic and romantic sensibilities, and his curious mind will be captivated by the unique accompanying video of Xiaonan's drawing process.

Pricing varies by choice at Xiaonan says that all portraits are priced individually. Art portraits of couples start at about $800, and the addition of a personalized art video could double that amount. All portraits have a 100% money back guarantee.

The Gift of Flight

Price: $130 - $200 per person.

Give your active, airy Libra love the gift of flight. Book a romantic hot air balloon for the two of you. Enjoy a post-flight champagne toast after you experience the serenity and breath-taking views, floating effortlessly thousands of feet above the ground. Groupon offers hot air balloon rides priced under $200.

Gifting a Romantic Tradition

Price: About $40 - $60

What better gift for one of the zodiac's most romantic men than to follow the longtime tradition of carving your names into a tree trunk as an expression of your love for him. Carved Heart Art Canvas lets you continue this romantic tradition on a rustic art canvas your sweetheart will cherish.

A Word About Wrapping

Though he'll be too nice to say it, a Libra man is not likely to appreciate a gift that's been covered with tissue and placed in a generic gift bag. Take the time for thoughtful and creative wrapping and always include a card with a handwritten sentiment. Words matter to a Libra man, and they just might be the best gift you can give him.

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