Discovering a Gemini Woman’s Traits and Personality

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A Gemini woman's personality is a mix of different but intriguing characters that make her a challenge to ever really know. She's a will-o'-the-wisp lady who's alluring but also elusive, changeable, and difficult to define.

The Gemini Woman

Gemini is the Mutable Air sign of the zodiac. It's ruled by the planet Mercury and symbolized by the twins. A Gemini woman is "mercurial." She's unpredictable and prone to sudden changes of mood, mind, and even appearance.

Positive Characteristics

Positive traits many Gemini women share include being:

  • Fun
  • Social
  • Curious
  • Talkative
  • Outgoing
  • Intelligent
  • Friendly
  • Charming

Gemini Woman's Negative Traits

The negative side of Gemini comes out when she is:

  • Manipulative
  • Scattered
  • A button pusher
  • Detached
  • Self-centered
  • Selfish

Gemini As a Woman Friend

A Gemini woman's intelligence, as well as her curiosity, openness, and playful attitude, make her a fun friend to have. A Gemini woman is a people person who has a gift for gab and loves hanging out with friends. She's curious, analytical, and knows a lot, so she's a friend you can go to for advice. Just don't expect her to commiserate with you. However, if you're feeling blue, her sense of humor and light and carefree repartee is sure to lift your spirits.

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Dating a Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman is flirty, flighty, and always up to something with someone, so snagging a date with her can be catch-as-catch-can. She's an "in the spur of the moment" gal who won't mind last minute invites and is not opposed to asking for a date herself. She's an interested and interesting lady who loves to converse and enjoys going places where she can talk to her partner. However, keep it fun and light, because a date that gets too serious and overly intimate can be a turn off for a Gemini woman.

As a Lover

A Gemini woman can be a here today, gone tomorrow, lover. She's a woman who loves the verbal fun and games of sex. She's an independent woman and a friend with benefits sort of lover. She doesn't get caught up in emotions or feelings and can fall in and out of love quickly. If you have a Gemini lover, take care you don't step out of line. She's a "my way or the highway" gal, and she can drop you in a minute.

A Gemini Wife

How do you get several wives all wrapped up into one? Marry a Gemini woman. One day she'll be an alluring, sexy, and adoring wife on the next she'll be quiet, reflective, and wistful. On another day she can be erratic, volatile, and unstable and on the next day she'll can be calm, steady, and even a bit boring. However, on most days, she'll be a playful, witty, inquisitive, talkative, and an inspiring wife. Yes, if you marry a Gemini woman, you'll never be bored, but you'll need to stay on your toes, keep up with her, and love all her alternate personalities if you want to hold on to her.

Gemini Mothers

A Gemini mom is a great friend and teacher to her kids. She loves their curiosity and looks forward to answering their questions, reading to them, and taking them out and about. She's a mother who knows how to bring fun into her children's lives and keep them entertained. However, she's a permissive mother who's not into the everyday tasks of motherhood, nor will she let her kids tie her down. She also tends to be an inconsistent mom who can go from fun and playful to loud and angry from minute to minute.

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Careers and the Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman enjoys being in the limelight and would go crazy spending all day tied to a desk. She's an energetic and independent woman who wants and needs a career that has flexible hours and allows her to use her charm, quick wit, curiosity, creativity, and intelligence, as well as her people skills. Careers that suit her personality are journalism, freelance writing, entertainment, tour guide, marketing, or any field that is challenging and provides constant stimulation.

The Gemini Woman and Money

A Gemini woman can make money and she wants to have financial goals, but not at the cost of controlling her capricious nature. She's an impulsive shopper and not a great at saving for her future. A Gemini woman has a here today, gone tomorrow attitude about money and seldom worries about where her next dollar is coming from.

Eminent Gemini Women

All the famous women below are independent Gemini women who have lived their lives sharing their voice, as well as being, doing, and saying what they wanted at the moment.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, a Gemini born June 1, 1926, had a duel nature. Her fans knew her as the sexy, ditzy, dumb blonde they saw on the screen. However, Marylyn was also a Gemini intellectual who had a vast library of classics and took evening courses in literature and art appreciation. She also shared her voice in her personal writing. A collection of her writings has been compiled into a book title, Fragments. The editor of Fragments, Samuel Comment, says: "There is a certain melancholy in the tone of the book, and what is very beautiful is the way the ideas interlink even if they are scattered through the page."

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, born June 4, 1975, has an 11th house Gemini Sun with Venus in Cancer and Cancer rising. She's a movie star who has lived an exciting, varied, and sometimes painful private life. Angelina is now best known for being an activist, a humanitarian voice (11th House), and protective mother to her six children (Venus in Cancer and Cancer Rising).

Joan Rivers

Standup Comedian and talk show host, Joan Rivers, born June 8, 1933, had her Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Gemini, and in the 3rd house (Gemini's house.) Joan was definitely a mercurial Gemini woman. She loved to talk and pushed the boundaries of good taste with her potty mouth. Joan was "The First Lady of Comedy" and the controversial voice of women. Her comedy was edgy, neurotic, loud, and bawdy. A Gemini woman never wants to grow old, and in her later years, Joan Rivers was widely known for her many cosmetic surgeries. She once joked, "I wish I had a twin, so I could know what I'd look like without plastic surgery."

Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen

Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen, born June 13, 1986, are literally Gemini twins. They spent the first seven years of their life acting in the sitcom Full House. During these years, Ashley and Mary Kate led duel lives by sharing the role of Michelle Tanner. According to Marie Claire, Mary Kate said, "I look at old pictures of me, and I don't feel connected to them at all." She then goes onto to describe herself and her sister as "little monkey performers." Interestingly, monkeys are mischievous and curious, just like a Gemini woman.

A Unique Woman

Every Gemini woman is different, related to her entire birth chart, but all are unique in that each is several fascinating women rolled up into one. Gemini women are clever, witty, and entertaining ladies who are easily bored, need constant change, and are likely to keep those who know them guessing.

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Discovering a Gemini Woman’s Traits and Personality