Capricorn Colors for Luck and Life

Published February 19, 2020
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Capricorn colors can be used to attract good luck and infuse life into everything the goat does. There are several colors in the Capricorn color palette to keep this zodiac sign happy.

Discovering Capricorn Colors for Luck and Life

Capricorn is uncomfortable with bright vibrant colors and prefers the subdued colors of the earth. The earth colors associated with Capricorn are gray, black, brown, and dark green.

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Color of Saturn

In addition to the main Capricorn colors, this zodiac sign is also drawn to the muted yellow-brown color that represents its ruling planet, Saturn. However, this doesn't mean the colors that attract Capricorn need to be dull.

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Capricorn's Lucky Color

Unlike the more subdued color values in Capricorn's color palette, the goat's lucky color is white. This color can be used with any of the palette colors either as a main color or as an accent color.

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How to Use Capricorn's Lucky Color

If you're up for a promotion or you're about to place a bid on your dream house imbue your aura and energy with a little white for good luck. Adding your power color into the equation may give you the needed luck to carry you over the finish line.

Closing a Sale

If you're in sales you can use your lucky color, white to assist you in closing sales. Present new clients with a white orchid or other token of your appreciation for their business.

Selling a Home

You may be a homeowner trying to sell your home in a competitive market and add a few accent pieces, throws and pillows to energize your home with a little Capricorn luck!

Favorite Capricorn Colors

Capricorn likes the neutrality of the color khaki or taupe and chooses it for a favorite color. You'll often select khaki for the main color in your wardrobe or home décor. You may even have a light brown or tan vehicle because you like the unassuming color.

Favorite Color Combination

In addition to khaki, Capricorn enjoys the balance of white and black in their wardrobe and home or office décor. Capricorn views this color combination as a visual represents of life itself with opposite attracting each other. The white and black color combination signifies order and balance to Capricorn.

Capricorn Power Colors

Capricorn has more than one power color: brown and gray. This means the goat can use one or both colors whenever needing a boost of powerful energy.

Wearing a Power Color

There are times when wearing your power color is advantageous. For example, you may decide to wear a black suit for a formal occasion since you enjoy the surge of energy it delivers.

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Career Advancement

A power color may be most appropriate when you must assume a powerful position in a meeting or don a new role within your company.

Power Up Your Office

If you need to provide an instant impression for anyone entering your office, then you can use brown and/or gray in your office décor. Select a brown desk chair instead of the typical black chair. Choose a gray and brown rug or carpeting to convey strength and your status within the company.

Create Capricorn Color Palettes

If you need a little help or inspiration for using the colors that resonate with your zodiac sign, you can create a few color palettes. You can choose one of the palettes for selecting a new wardrobe or redecorating a living room or home office.

Select three color combinations for each color palette, such as:

  • Gray, yellow-brown and khaki
  • Khaki, Green and yellow-brown
  • Khaki, dark brown and yellow brown
  • White, Black and medium gray
  • Black, dark green and white
  • Black, yellow-brown and white

Using Capricorn Colors in Home Décor

As an earth sign, Capricorn enjoys hearth and home. Decorate your home is a high priority. The more comfortable and happier you are with your décor the better you enjoy your home, family and life. Select your favorite color palette and use it for color choices in your home furnishings.

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Select a Main Color

Of the three colors in your color palette, choose one as the main color to carry throughout each room in your home. You can then use one of the remaining two colors as the secondary color and the third one as your accent color.

Changing Main Color but Same Color Palette

You can change this order of the three colors in each room or use it for the main part of your home, such as the foyer, hallways, living room and kitchen. Even if one color is more predominant in the living room than it is in the kitchen, your color palette remains the same and you have a cohesive color design for your entire home.

Capricorn Colors to Use for Luck and a Harmonious Life

Capricorn can use colors to attract luck and create a harmonious life. When focusing on colors, make sure you resonate on a deep level with each color to ensure you receive the bounty of their energies.

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Capricorn Colors for Luck and Life