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Cancer Cusp Traits

Patricia Lantz C.Ht.
Cancer zodiac sign

The Cancer cusps are Gemini/Cancer and Cancer/Leo. If you were born on a cusp, you entered this world when the sun was on the verge of moving into the next astrological sign, but you can only know for sure you were born a cusp if you get a timed horoscope calculated. Your sun sign never changes, but individuals born on a cusp often identify with two signs and become a hybrid of both.

The Gemini/Cancer Cusp

If you're a Gemini and were born from approximately June 17 - 20 you were born on the Gemini/Cancer cusp. This cusp is where the normally extroverted, flirty, mentally curious, variety-seeking, and adaptable Gemini personality becomes uncharacteristically introverted, emotionally assertive, protective, and sensitive.

The Cusp of Magic

Gemini/Cancer Cusp

This Cusp is often called the cusp of magic because it combines the light and breezy brightness of Gemini with the affection and sensitivity of Cancer.

Individuals born on the Gemini/Cancer cusp:

  • Are charismatic and are usually surrounded by people
  • Depend on having the love of close family and friends for happiness
  • Are intellectually capable, but their need for close personal interactions with others often leaves them little time for intellectual pursuits


A Gemini born on this cusp is:

  • Inspirational
  • Family-oriented
  • Emotionally intelligent
  • Kind
  • Capable of deep emotional attachments


A Gemini/Cancer is easily excitable and has many layers to his or her moods.

  • They can be light and carefree one minute and sad and reticent the next.
  • They can become anxious or depressed if they are unable to socialize.

Gemini/Cancer Compatibility

Those born on the Gemini/Cancer cusp are Geminis. Geminis are the most compatible with the air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. However, those born on this cusp will resonate with and be drawn to individuals who express Cancer characteristics.

Celebrity Example

A good example of someone born on this cusp is Australian actress, singer, and film producer, Nicole Kidman, born June 20, 1967.

The Cancer/Leo Cusp

Cancer/Leo Cusp

If you're a Cancer and were born from approximately July 19 - 22, you were born on the Cancer/Leo cusp. This cusp is where the introverted, emotionally sensitive, self-protective, and shy Cancer personality becomes uncharacteristically outgoing, courageous, and driven by the desire to be seen and admired.

The Cusp of Oscillation

This cusp is often called the cusp of oscillation. Those born on this cusp face some very special challenges in trying to integrate the shy and reticent nature of Cancer with the gregarious and courageous nature of Leo.


If these individuals can successfully face their fears and bring the best of Cancer and Leo together, they can be:

  • Creative
  • Courageous
  • Subtly alluring
  • Loving and charitable


They can tend toward:

  • Being personally sensitive and easily hurt
  • Self-absorbed behavior and insensitivity to others
  • Being happy and hiding what they are really feeling
  • Keeping their private life private
  • Manic-depressive type behaviors
  • Addictions

On the brighter side, Cancer and Leo are both deeply loving and devoted horoscope signs, so those born on this cusp tend to form lasting relationships.

Cancer/Leo Compatibility

Those born on the Cancer/Leo cusp are Cancers. Cancers are most compatible with the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. However, they will resonate with and be drawn to people who express Leo characteristics.

Celebrity Example

One of the best examples of the nature of a person born on the Cancer/Leo cusp is the late comedian and actor Robin Williams, born July 21, 1951.

The Astrology of Sign Cusps

We are born in the process of becoming; this is shown by astrology's secondary progressions. The progressed sun shows how your solar nature grows and matures. Its slow movement is the astrological logic behind the cusps. If you are born when the sun in the sky was about to enter the next sign, the more personal progressed sun moves into that sign before you are four years old and you begin from a very young age combining its traits into your solar personality. As you grow older, the traits of that sign will slowly emerge and be combined with the traits of your sun sign.

Which Way a Cusper Leans

The fact that you're a Gemini born on the cusp of Cancer or a Cancer born the cusp of Leo is important. However, exactly how much a Gemini will lean toward Cancer traits or a Cancer will lean toward Leo traits depends upon which way the individual's entire horoscope leans.

Cancer Cusp Traits