The Aries Child: Understanding Traits and Behaviors

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An Aries child arrives in the world with distinctive and powerful traits and behaviors. Once you understand what Aries wants and expects, you'll be prepared to raise this highly energetic and fun soul.

Understanding What Your Aries Child Wants and Why

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and the phrase astrologers use to describe the Aries persona is, "I Am!" This translates into an Aries child's need to be recognized and you better pay attention. Otherwise, Aries will find ways to get your attention. Screaming, crying, yelling, banging a cup on a highchair tray are just a few ways an Aries child attempts to get the attention demanded.

Acknowledge, Praise and Recognize Aries Child Accomplishments

Aries isn't a needy child, just one that requires recognition. Your child wants and expects praise for their good deeds. You should acknowledge each accomplishment as a way to encourage and reassure your Aries child. Your approval assuages their hidden sensitivity while reinforcing their powerful façade of confidence.

Temper! Temper! Temper!

An Aries child is a fire sign. This imbues them with a hot temper! They can go from zero to Mach 4 in an instant while sending everyone around them in a firestorm. Once the fire has been extinguished, they're back to their happy normal selves, but everyone is left feeling the burn.

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Impatient and Impulsive Energies Abound

All that fire energy flaming in an Aries child makes them highly impatient. This in turn drives them to be impulsive and sometimes they take dangerous risks in their effort to release the buildup of energy. The erratic nature of the fire element is often responsible for an Aries child suffering a broken arm or leg resulting from their latest daredevil attempt.

Emotions Make Aries Feel Vulnerable

On the flip side of your Aries child's temper is the emotional warfare roiling inside them. These fiery feelings naturally find release in a temper tantrum. You can offer other ways for your Aries child to channel all that energy with a variety of tools, such as journaling, martial arts, competitive sports, and creative activities.

Aries Child a Natural Rebel

As the first zodiac sign, Aries doesn't appreciate being told what to do. This can be an issue if you don't know how to approach this extremely independent sign. When you see Aries doing something that isn't appropriate or dangerous, you should acknowledge you understand their intentions then offer suggestions how they can achieve their goal.

Offer Suggestions to Curtail a Belligerent Attitude

Your approach to a possibly rebellious situation requires patience and a neutral attitude. You can offer a nonchalant, matter-of-fact suggestion to help them get the result they desire in a more acceptable way. Showing Aries that you respect their intent and offering to help will get you much further than trying to take control over their endeavor as a form of discipline.

Honest to a Fault

Your dynamic Aries child is brutally honest in true fire sign fashion. Aries doesn't realize how scorching their words can be. Aries doesn't deliberately intend to hurt other people's feelings, and must learn how to be tactful in dealing with other people.

Positive Attributes of Aries Child

This number one zodiac sign has numerous endearing and admirable attributes. Your Aries child has a loyal, kind and adventurous spirit. Watching Aries grow up is an adventure unto itself since you never know what Aries will do next.

Natural Born Leader

Your Aries child is a natural leader. Your little ram demonstrates the positive attributes of leadership early in childhood. Siblings will call Aries bossy, while others may describe Aries as spirited.

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Early Signs of Leadership Qualities

You recognize your Aries Child's emerging leadership qualities and can guide them toward a positive path. Aries often ranks first in class when it comes to grades. Peers look up to your Aries child and follow her/his lead in many situations.

Helping Aries Mold Leadership Qualities Into Positive Attribute

Once your Aries child starts school, these leadership tendencies will become more prevalent in group settings. You can encourage Aries to develop her/his leadership abilities with a skill set she/he can use throughout life.

Encourage Your Aries Child to Venture Into Leadership roles

Your Aries child may express an interest in specific areas where leadership skills can be exercised, such as politics. When your child announces she/he is running for class president or was voted captain of sports team, be sure you encourage her/him and provide whatever support needed to ensure a positive experience.

Aries Kids Love Challenges

Aries is happiest when challenged. This can be on an individual basis or in a team endeavor, such as sports or a political debate team. Aries enjoys competition since it offers the opportunity to be first - the winner!

Life Should Be an Adventure

An Aries child views the life experience as an adventure. Aries is always eager to try new things and take on challenges, such as white-water rafting or freebase climbing.

Arm Your Aries Child With Life Skills

While parents worry about their child's safety, trying to curtail this natural inclination in Aries will only drive a wedge between you and your Aries child. While you're still able to control certain aspects of your child's life, provide good life skills and physical training in their areas of interest. These precautions will ensure your child has all the skills necessary when they take such risks with their life.

Passionate and Always on the Move

As you can imagine, your Aries child has a deep passion for everything she/he is interested in. With a generous dose of creativity, Aries is relentless in whatever goal she undertakes. It doesn't matter if a situation or topic of investigation is new, an Aries child is fearless and tenacious until that goal is finally achieved.

Dynamic Personality of Aries Child

An Aries child is well round with a dynamic personality that can be challenging to a parent. As your child matures, you'll find your relationship very rewarding.

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The Aries Child: Understanding Traits and Behaviors