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Are Cancers Good With Money?

Patricia Lantz C.Ht.
Piggy bank and counting money

For some people, money represents freedom to do what they want when they want. For others, it represents power and prestige. But for Cancer, money equals security. Although some of Cancer's more spendthrift acquaintances might say they are penny pinchers, Cancers see themselves as money wise.

Cancer and Money

Cancers want a healthy bank account and a handy cash reserve. They are adept at building a nest egg. Rather than splurging impulsively on fleeting pleasures, they are cautious with their money. In truth, they might have a jar where they deposit their loose change at the end of each day.

Cancer's Motivation for Saving Money

Cancer's personality traits make them security conscious. For Cancers, money means security. They often live below their means to save for a comfortable and secure future.

Cancer Children

As a child, a Cancer is like all children; they want their parents or grandparents to buy them everything they see. However, a parent will note that a Cancer child is frugal and careful in how they spend their allowance and the money they earn as a teenager. Even when young, they assess all their available options before making a purchase with their own money.

Cancer Young Adults

As young adults, having money stashed away gives Cancer the freedom to travel and visit family and friends as well as to be more assured that one day they can marry, purchase a home, and provide for a family.

Married Cancers

A Cancer's heart is with home and family. When a Cancer marries and has kids, their greatest motivation for saving money is to provide a financially secure future for their family, have special fun times with those they love, and a happy, comfortable, and secure retirement.

Where Cancer Runs Into Money Trouble

Cancers are usually very cautious with money and think long and hard before making a purchase. However, they can also be penny wise and dollar foolish. A Cancer's mood influences their spending and when they're in a bad or sad mood, they will do anything to make themselves feel better. A Cancer may clip coupons to save a few pennies here and there all year and then foolishly max out their credit card in an attempt to make themselves feel better.

Cancer and Investments

Cancer is attracted to real estate, and owning a home is one of their greatest desires and a valuable investment, but when it comes to other investments and financial opportunities, a good rule of thumb is for Cancer to trust their instincts and gut feelings

Cancer Career Choices

Cancer will often take a job they don't especially enjoy in order to earn a stable, reliable income. However, considering Cancer Sun sign traits only, their best career choices are related helping, protecting, and nurturing others.

Finding Money in a Cancer's Horoscope

There are 12 houses in a birth chart, and each represents an area of life that corresponds to specific activities. Every house can give clues about money, but the traditional money houses are the second, eighth, and eleventh houses.

  • The second house is the house of personal wealth.
  • The eighth house is personal assets or inheritances accumulated through partnership and/or marriage.
  • The eleventh house is personal assets accumulated through business and career.

Putting the Puzzle Together

Be warned, finding money in a birth chart is a bit like putting a puzzle together. If you're a Cancer and want to find money in your horoscope, keep in mind that it's technical and not for novice astrologers. It requires complete birth data (date, time and location) as well as a professional astrologer who can accurately assess the condition of each money house.

Astrologers look at:

  • The zodiac sign on the cusp of each money house
  • The house in which the ruler of those signs resides
  • Note if the rulers make hard or soft aspects to other planets
  • Consider the planets in each money house and the aspects they make to other planets in the horoscope

A Cancer Hangs On

Cancers don't ask for a lot in life. They just want a comfortable home, a happy family, and the sense of security and peace of mind that a bank account and a stash of ready cash gives them. Every Cancer is a bit of a money hoarder and it's their ability to hang onto money that makes them good with money.

Are Cancers Good With Money?