27 Famous Capricorns From Comedians to Geniuses

Published August 3, 2021
Jim Carrey attends the LA special screening of Paramount's "Sonic The Hedgehog"

A very goal-oriented, hardworking, and practical Capricorn may seem reserved, but don't be confused. They want to be recognized and make their mark in society. A Capricorn's ambition, professionalism, sharp wit, and hard work ethic can propel a Capricorn celebrity to genius status on the world stage.

Famous Capricorn Celebrities

Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign ruled by Saturn. Those with a Capricorn Sun are driven, ambitious, set lofty goals, and have the power to accomplish anything they set their mind to. Capricorns who make their mark on the world are intelligent, creative, hardworking, innovative, and want to be recognized as a genius. The 27 Capricorns listed below have a level of talent or intelligence that is very rare in their chosen genre.

Capricorn Comic Geniuses

Capricorns, even the comedic geniuses, and are essentially serious and reserved. Capricorn comedians are not your usual stand-up comedians. They tend to have a uniquely sardonic sense of humor, and their comedy is creative, innovative, and sometimes edgy and on the dark side.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey, born January 17, 1962, is a comedian and actor who starred in many live-action-comedy genre films. Carry eventually went on to act in more serious movies, and these catapulted him to stardom. He earned two Golden Globes for the films The Truman Show and Man on the Moon.

Andy Kaufman

Born January 17, 1949, Andy Kaufman denied being a comedian and thought of himself as a performance artist. Still, his unorthodox performances made him one of the most discussed comedians of all time. His specialty was "cringe humor." Man on the Moon, starring Jim Carrey, was based on Kaufman's life.

Andy Kaufman 1980 in New York City

Kate McKinnon

Born January 6, 1984, Kate McKinnon is a comedian, actress, and writer, best known as a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Kate was SNL's first openly lesbian cast member. Naturally reserved, McKinnon is a genius when it comes to celebrity impressions. She has been nominated for and won numerous awards, including the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 2021.

Hannah Gadsby

Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby was born on January 12, 1978. In 2018, Netflix released a film version of her stand-up show Nanette, which gave her international exposure. Hanna received many accolades, including the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special and a Peabody Award.

Famous Capricorn Singers

These Capricorn singers are legendary geniuses.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, born January 8, 1935, is the acknowledged King of Rock and Roll. Elvis is a legendary genius who changed music and one of the most important musical icons of the 20th century.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton, born January 19, 1946, the current Queen of Country Music, is a country and pop singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, actress, author, businesswoman, humanitarian, and cultural icon.

Dolly Parton accepts the Hitmaker Award during the Billboard Women In Music 2020

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige, born January 11, is a Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, actress, producer, and philanthropist. Often referred to as the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Blige is inspirational and one of the defining voices of contemporary music. In 2019 Blige received BET's Lifetime Achievement award.

R. Kelly

R. Kelly, born January 8, 1967, is an R&B and hip-hop singer who redefined the genre and, in doing so, earned the nicknames: King of R&B, King of Pop-Soul, and the Pied Piper of R&B.

Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox, born December 25, 1954, striking and soulful, Lennox won Billboard Magazine's Century Award in 2002. She is said to be the most original and unforgettable artist of the modern era. Lennox received the Order of the British Empire for her charity work and contributions to humanitarian causes in 2011.

Famous Capricorn Rappers

The rappers below have used their Capricorn business chops to go beyond the rap genre into the business world. They have socially aware, ambitious, have staying power, and their practicality ensures that they will move beyond rapping.

LL Cool J

LL Cool J January 14, 1968, is a rapper, actor, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who is hailed as hip hop's first major superstar. L Cool J is a two-time Grammy winner. In 2014 was awarded the Harvard Foundation's most prestigious medal at the foundation's annual award ceremony, becoming Harvard University Artist of the Year.

LL COOL J speaks at the featured session “A Conversation with Icons Queen Latifah and LL COOL J”


Pitbull, born January 15, 1981, is a rapper, singer-songwriter, actor, brand ambassador, businessman, activist, and philanthropist. Pitbull began his career by recording Latin hip hop and crunk music before rebranding himself as a pop artist and actor.

Lil John

Lil John, born January 17, 1971, is a hip-hop artist, rapper, musical producer, actor, hometown promoter (Atlanta, GA), and philanthropist. He was instrumental in the emergence of the Southern hip-hop subgenre crunk ("to crank up") into the mainstream. Pencils of Promise recognized Lil Jon and Trevor Noah in 2019 for their charitable efforts at the charity's annual event.

Famous Capricorn Actors

These actors have Capricorn's longevity and will go down in film history as three of the best actors of their time.

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington, born December 28, 1954. Has been awarded 17 NAACP Image Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, one Tony Award, and two Academy Awards. The New York Times has ranked Denzel as the twenty-first century's greatest actor.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper, born January 5, 1975, is an actor, producer, and screenplay writer. He has received eight Oscar nominations and supports multiple foundations and charities.

Actor/director Bradley Cooper

Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton, born January 5, 1946, is an actress and filmmaker known for playing eccentric, free-spirited, and independent-minded women. Diane has won an Academy Award for best actress, a British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award, two Golden Globe Awards, and the American Film Institute Life Achievement Award.

Famous Capricorn Athletes

The Capricorn athletes below are recognized geniuses in their chosen sport.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali, born January 17, 1942, won the world heavyweight championship three times. Additionally, he was known for his social message of Black pride and Black resistance to white domination. He earned the Dr. Martin Luther King Award in 1990. He was given the honor to light the Olympic torch at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

LeBron James

LeBron James, born December 30, 1984, is a professional basketball player and entrepreneur. He is considered one of the best players in NBA history. In 2012 he was Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year. Additionally, LeBron founded the Lebron James Family Foundation that raises and donates money for several charities.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, born December 30, 1975, is probably the world's most famous professional golfer. He holds numerous golf records. After his fall from grace, he showed his Capricorn grit by climbing back to the top.

Capricorn Political Figures

Capricorns are known to be very traditional, disciplined, conservative, and at their worst, dictatorial. This is particularly notable in politics. Nothing irritates a Capricorn politician more than when things don't go their way.

Rand Paul

Paul Rand January 7, 1963, is a Libertarian senator from Kentucky known for clashing with Republicans and Democrats. He was elected U.S. Senator on November 2, 2010, and is also the co-founder of the Senate Tea Party Caucus.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz December 22, 1970, was a Tea Party politician. He was elected U.S. Senator from Texas in 2013. Cruz became the National Republican Senatorial Committee vice-chairman in 2012 and ran for the Republication nomination in the 2016 presidential election.

Other Genius Capricorns

Capricorns are renowned for being great problem-solvers. They have excellent organizational skills and a hardworking, persistent approach to whatever they undertake.

Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King, born January 15, 1929, was a Baptist minister and the undisputed leader of the "Civil Rights Movement." In 1963 Time magazine named him "Man of the Year." In 1964 Martin Luther King became the youngest person awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Steven Hawking

Stephen Hawking, born January 8, 1942, was a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author. Hawking is the most recognizable scientist of the modern age. His advanced understanding of space and time helped shape the course of physics.

stephen hawking

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton, born December 25, 1642, was a crucial figure in the scientific revolution and is recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time.

Brielle Milla

Brielle Milla, born on January 18, 2012, is a chemist prodigy. While still very young, she is a member of the famous Chemist list.

Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur, born December 27, 1822, is considered the father of microbiology. Pasteur was renowned for the discovery of the principles of vaccination and pasteurization.

Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage, December 26, 1791, is considered the father of the computer for originating the abstract idea of a digital programmable computer.

Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler, born December 27, 1571, was a German astronomer, mathematician, and astrologer. Kepler is best known for formulating the three laws of planetary motion. These laws were vital for moving the center of the universe from the Earth (geocentric cosmology) to the Sun (heliocentric).

Capricorn Genius

Thomas Edison is quoted as saying: "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." This certainly holds true for Santa Claus who is a Capricorn and has a genius for making children happy.

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