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Article Highlight: Penny Thornton on Horoscopes, Romance, and Astrology

It's not uncommon for people in their 20s and 30s to rush online to find out what a romantic relationship with an interesting person they've just met might be like. However, world-renowned astrologer Penny Thornton… Keep reading »

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Interviews with True Astrology Experts

Astrology, with its degree orbs, planetary rulers and rising signs, can be a fairly complicated subject. However, astrology experts can help you navigate and make sense of this science through interviews on a variety of topics.

In Depth Analysis

Like all experts in their fields, astrologers can explain the ins, outs and nuances of their subject matter in great detail. Where some people just see a complicated world of strange jargon, symbols and charts, astrology experts can take that very same jargon and break it down in a way that is easy to understand and has personal meaning for you.

This in-depth analysis can help you see your life in an entirely new way and show you were you may come up against potential difficulties. It can also point out where your strengths and inherent opportunities lie.

Straight to the Source

Have you ever read a book, and wished you could speak with the author? Well, when it comes to the subject of astrology, you essentially can because these expert interviews answer many of the questions you may have.

For example, what does Susan Miller think about upcoming astrological events? Or what does Eileen Grimes feel really happened on the Titanic from an astrological point of view? It's questions like these, and others, that only an expert can answer.

Personal Consultations

Even better is the fact that many astrologers offer personal consultations and, during the course of their interviews, many welcome the opportunity to work directly with clients that are interested in learning more about their own natal charts. This means that if you've ever looked at your chart and wondered what it means, astrologers like Maria DeSimone can help you uncover its secrets.

This personal connection between astrologer and client is possible with each interview that you read, and that's the beauty of this esoteric subject.

New Interviews on the Way

Keep checking back because new interviews will be added on a regular basis. Who knows, maybe your favorite astrologer will be the next interview!

Astrology Expert Interviews