Virgo Birthstones to Empower You

Minerals and crystals

Blue sapphire is the most common birthstone used for Virgo, although a few others can also empower you. Some of these alternative gemstones include carnelian, jade, jasper, moss agate, and peridot.

Virgo's Birthstone Colors for Energy Boosts

Use the energies of gemstones and crystals to boost your personal energy. The properties of these stones are used in healings and to empower those who wear them. Some energy workers often advise clients to carry or wear a specific birthstone as a talisman.

Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is a common birthstone used for Virgo. It's believed that this stone's energies are in alignment with Virgo's ruling planet, Mercury, the planet of communication. It isn't easy for Virgo to communicate or express ideas, so blue sapphire energies can help you to find voice. This is especially appropriate since blue is the color of the throat chakra where finding your voice allows self-expression.

Blue Sapphire

Best Ways to Use Blue Sapphire Birthstone

You can capitalize on the blue sapphire energy of communication and use it to help you voice your opinions, emotions and express your ideas. It's believed blue sapphire can have healing properties that Virgo can use for throat related issues.

  • You can use blue sapphire for throat related illnesses and even ear problems since the Eustachian tube connects the upper throat region with the middle ear.
  • You can wear a blue Sapphire choker or a pendant on a short length necklace so it falls close to your throat.
  • A pair of dangling Sapphire earrings can energize your aura around your head and throat region.


In ancient times, carnelian was used to ward off evil. The protection properties have been used for centuries to protect travelers as well as a fertility enhancer.

Carnelian semi precious stones

Tap Into Carnelian Birthstone Beneficial Energies

It's believed carnelian has a wide range of beneficial properties. These include blood purification, relieving aches and pains (especially cramps), and can embolden your expressions of love and passion.

  • You can wear a piece of carnelian jewelry or carry a stone to infuse the energy of creativity into your life.
  • If you need creative solutions at work, place this stone on your desk.
  • If you travel a lot, you can hang this stone from your rearview mirror to attract positive energy to protect you.


Citrine is often used as a Virgo birthstone due to its mental clarity properties. Believed to be a powerful stone that can improve memory, activate the brain and stimulate creativity.

citrine geode geological crystals

Activating Citrine Mental Properties

As a mental energy birthstone, you can use citrine for your Virgo birthstone. There are several ways you can capitalize on these brain power energies.

  • Place a citrine globe on your desk to stimulate mental prowess for studying and/or work.
  • A citrine amulet can be worn as a necklace when facing a mental challenge, such as an exam or strategy planning session at work.
  • If a creative project has you stumped, infuse a little citrine energy by place a citrine crystal or wand in your work space.


Ancient Egyptians used jade as a talisman of protection, travel safety and healthy. Other ancient cultures, such as the Chinese, recognized and used jade as a magnet for good fortune.

Jade sculpture

Jade Birthstone Attraction Factors

Jade is believed to have wealth attraction energies. It is also viewed as a stone that brings harmony into the wearer's life.

  • You can place this stone inside your wallet or purse to generate financial abundance.
  • Wearing jade is considered to boost your health and immune system.
  • Jade sculptures or objects can be placed about your business to generate revenue and customers.


Jasper is believed to have nurturing energies that can heal you. Jasper energies also imbue you with endurance, sustainability and a strong will.

Jasper polished stones

What Jasper Birthstone Colors Mean

Jasper's earth energies can help to stabilize your career, relationships, finances, and other areas of life. Jasper comes in an array of colors, such as blue, yellow, green, brown, and red.

  • Blue establishes a connection to the balanced energies of yin and yang and helps you connect with your spiritual nature.
  • Green offers you healings and also can boost your courage and determination.
  • Red can help you maintain stamina and imbue you with sexual energies and passion.
  • Brown can bring greater stability in your life.
  • Yellow aids in your digestion and also provides protection when traveling.

Beneficial Uses of Jasper

There are many ways to use Jasper to take advantage of the various colors and their energies. Choose the jasper color that appeals most to you and then decide how you wish to use it.

  • You can use blue jasper as a palm stone to hold during meditation or at times when you need to restore inner balance.
  • You can collect all colors to place in a shallow bowl and set on your nightstand while recovering from an illness.
  • Slip a yellow jasper into your purse or backpack when traveling or hiking.

Moss Agate

As an earth sign, Virgos have a frequency that matches that of earth elements. This includes gemstones and crystals. You can use the properties imbued to moss agate to assist you and empower you to overcome challenges and negative situations. This stone is available in several values that range from very light to dark greens.

Moss Agate Crystal Healing Stone

How to Use Moss Agate

Moss Agate is believed to have healing energies for emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. Choose what type of healing you desire when selecting this birthstone.

  • Moss agate is often worn as a necklace to ward off health problems.
  • You can place one or more moss agates in your bedroom to heal the sexual ills in a love relationship.
  • If you need a boost at work or desire a pay increase, try wearing a moss agate, carrying it in your purse/pocket, or placing it on your desk at work.


Peridot can aid Virgo when facing challenges or blockages that prevent you from achieving goals or desires. The energies of this stone can help you overcome past problems by reconciling the energies of the past so they no longer hold you back.

Tweezers Holding Peridot

How to Use Peridot

Peridot is believed of great benefit to worrywarts. You can utilize the peridot's energies to dissolve and remove roadblocks.

  • You can wear peridot ring to break the habit of nail biting from worry and anxiety.
  • You may decide to carry a peridot talisman or palm stone to keep you focused on forgiving yourself of past mistakes.
  • If you're overwhelmed with work obligations, keep a peridot object on your work desk to absorb tension and worry.

Finding Virgo Birthstones to Assist and Empower You

You have many choices when it comes to selecting the Virgo birthstone best for you. Take a few minutes to examine each birthstone and then decide which one you like the best.

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Virgo Birthstones to Empower You