Taurus Birthstones and Their Strengths

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There are several Taurus birthstones that you can use to tap into their power and properties of strength. When seeking an appropriate birthstone, you can consider coral, emerald, rose quartz, and garnet. Review the specific properties for each birthstone before you choose one.

Coral Is a Taurus Birthstone

Coral was used in ancient Egypt evidenced by coral pieces discovered in tombs. This cherished Taurus birthstone has been used for centuries as a protection talisman against evil spirits. In ancient times, the color of the stone was believed the result of divine blood, making it a holy stone.

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Exploring the Many Coral Properties

Besides the protective powers of coral, this birthstone brings energies that calm emotional upsets and empowers your intuition. Coral often serves as a conduit between the spirit world and the person using the stone to access these energies and channels.

  • Mediums can strengthen their connection with the other side by holding a coral stone during their readings.
  • If you're an artist and need inspiration, try wearing a coral ring or pendant to receive the stone's reputed creative energies that stimulate imagination.
  • Coral is said to enable your intuitive abilities to receive knowledge. You can wear or hold coral while studying for an exam or in all venues of learning.

Emerald Gemstone

Emerald has been a cherished gemstone as far back as the time of the Aztecs and Incas. Empires and royalty embraced the emerald as part of their jewelry and crown adornments. For Taurus, this gemstone is very effective for attracting money and wealth.


How You Can Benefit From Emerald Energy

The emerald is believed to house powerful Earth energies. Since Taurus is an earth sign, this gemstone is especially powerful. You can connect with these vibrations/frequencies and use them to your advantage.

  • Calling the emerald a heart stone isn't an exaggeration according to many people who claim this birthstone can open your heart chakra. Try wearing an emerald pendant necklace to test out these claims.
  • You can wear a piece of emerald jewelry to reconnect with the healing Earth and nature energies.
  • An emerald gemstone can be worn or held during a financial crisis to soothe over your emotions about money worries and draw money to you.

Rose Quartz

Rose quart is considered a gemstone that allows you to connect with high spiritual energy. It is considered the gemstone of love. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians recognized rose quartz as a magical gemstone that could stop aging.

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Rose Quartz Powerful Frequencies

You can capture the powerful energies of the rose quartz when you choose it for your birthstone. You can either use a sculptured piece, wear it as jewelry or simply carry a piece of rose quartz with you.

  • If you're seeking to open closed channels within your spiritual natures, hold or wear rose quartz during meditation.
  • You can invite spiritual energies into your home with displays of uncut rose quartz, tumbled rose quartz in a bowl or vase or statues carved from rose quartz.
  • There are several ways to take advantage of the spiritual and love healing rose quartz brings by keeping a piece of rose quartz with you at all times, in your pocket or as a piece of jewelry.


Garnet can be a powerful gemstone for Taurus when needing a talisman for protection. This Taura birthstone can also be used to ensure you win and are victorious whenever you come face-to-face with challenges.


Working With Garnet Properties

Energy workers recognize the purity and powerful energies believed captured within garnet gemstones. You can use this gemstone for grounding and psychic connections.

  • You can carry a carved garnet talisman for protection against evil forces and spiritual attacks.
  • If you're psychic, a garnet can amplify your abilities when you wear or carry a garnet birthstone.
  • Garnet bestows the power of truth to anyone who carries or wears it. If you need courage to speak the truth, wear a garnet necklace.

Strengths of Taurus Birthstone Colors and Properties

The Taurus birthstones each have specific powers and strengths. You can use these positive energies to help you overcome obstacles, enemies and fears.

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