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Scorpio Birthstones and How They Affect Personality

Patricia Lantz C.Ht.
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Scorpios are known for their dark minds, psychic abilities, intense emotions, and mood swings. Scorpio's birthstones, which come in a wide range of colors, act to soak up the negative energy Scorpios draw to themselves and also bring emotional calm and joy into their lives.

Topaz Is Scorpio's Primary Birthstone

Scorpios are passionate individuals who are all about intensity and contradictions. Topaz brings balance to a Scorpio's personality. Thanks to the properties of topaz, Scorpios can be more aware, focused, and creative. Topaz comes in a vast range of colors, but the most important for Scorpio are blue and orange.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz inspires truth and wisdom and helps unify Scorpio's body, mind, and spirit. It encourages calm and prevents a Scorpio from becoming overwhelmed by their intense emotions, aids them in being more level-headed, keeps them mentally healthy, and brings them a sense of joy and peace.

Blue Topaz Gemstone

Orange Topaz

Orange topaz dissipates negative energy and wards off evil. It strengthens a Scorpio's faith in themselves and optimism about their future. It bestows charisma, which benefits Scorpio's relationships. It aid them in attracting helpful people and gives them a drive to be recognised.

Imperial Topaz or Citrine

Aquamarine Brings Luck

As Scorpio's lucky birthstone, aquamarine brings joy and happiness to a Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign, and aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive Scorpio. Called the stone of courage, aquamarine calms, reduces fear, quiets the mind, and invokes tolerance. It calms anxiety and grief, dilutes angry emotions and brings cheerfulness. It also encourages Scorpio to be less controlling. Aquamarine also opens Scorpio to clairvoyance, shields their aura and aligns their chakras. Aquamarines are a pale green-blue.

aquamarine round cut stone

Amethyst Is Scorpio's Talisman Birthstone

When sad, Scorpios can grow hostile and can have violent mood swings. Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer that has strong healing, and cleansing powers. It can soothe emotional irritability and balance Scorpio's mood swings. Amethyst also dispels anxiety, fear, anger, and rage. It wards off evil, protects Scorpio for psychic attacks, and transforms negative energy into love. Amethyst protects Scorpio from all types of harm and ill wishes from others. Amethyst also activates a Scorpio's spiritual awareness and enhances their psychic abilities. The color of the amethyst is shades of purple.

Amethyst On Table

Apache Tear Protects Scorpio

Scorpios are deeply emotional, intense, and psychic Individuals who absorb the energy that surrounds them. Apache tears protect a Scorpio from supernatural intervention, spirit intrusions, and negative psychic vibrations or disruptions. It shields them from hostility, offers release from tension, and enables a Scorpio to move forward in their life with a more positive outlook. Apache tears are the translucent variety of back obsidian.

Apache Tear Crystal Healing Stone

Labradorite Promotes Transformation

Scorpio is endowed with powers of regeneration, transformation, and transmutation. Labradorite is a stone of transformation. It promotes psychic abilities, strengthens Scorpio's intuition, inspires their imagination, and calms them. Labradorite can ease a Scorpio through change by imparting inner strength and perseverance. It raises a Scorpio's consciousness and grounds their spiritual energies. It can aid Scorpio in seeing the truth behind illusions, as well as banish any fears and insecurities. It strengthens a Scorpios faith in themselves and their trust in the universe. The colors of labradorite are pale green, blue, and grey-white with iridescent blue or gold flashes.

Labradorite Rock Sphere

Jasper Promotes Tranquility

Mars is one of the ruling planets for Scorpio. Jasper is the planetary stone for Mars. Jasper provides Scorpio with courage. It can sustain and support a Scorpio through times of stress by absorbing negative energy. It can bring contentment, tranquility, and wholeness into a Scorpio's life. Jasper can stimulate Scorpio's imagination and transform their ideas into action. Jasper will also energize Scorpio's body and prolong their sexual pleasure. Jasper colors are brown, yellow, reddish colors, mottled green, orange, or black.

Polished Jasper gemstone

Scorpio Birthstones and the Astrological Decans

When selecting a birthstone, Scorpios can also consider the birthstones that relate to the three Scorpio decans. If you're an October Scorpio, you were born in the first decan of Scorpio, and Scorpio energy is powerful in you. However, Scorpios born between November 1-10 are second decan Scorpios and can also consider Pisces birthstones. Scorpios born in the third decan, November 11 - 21, can consider Cancer birthstones.

How to Use Scorpio Birthstones and Their Colors

Astrological birthstones can be made into jewelry or carried in your pocket; they can be used when meditating; they can also be incorporated in protective amulets. The healing properties of birthstones can also be used in feng shui design to promote healing and protection.

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Scorpio Birthstones and How They Affect Personality