Pisces Birthstones With Positive Energies

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The positive energies of birthstones for Pisces zodiac signs vary depending on the stone. You may be torn between the two most popular Pisces birthstones since Pisces birthdates fall in February and March.

Do Colors of Pisces Birthstones Change Their Properties?

The colors of the birthstones play an important role in the overall appeal of the Pisces birthstones. The colors and positive properties of the gems should be considered when selecting which Pisces birthstone you want.


Since antiquity, amethyst has been revered as a healing gemstone or crystal. Energy workers use amethyst to assist clients finding inner strengths and even overcome addictions, especially alcohol. Pisces signs are often susceptible to all types of addiction, so this may be an advantageous birthstone.

Properties and Energies of Amethyst

The amethyst healing attribute is known as the violet flame of St. Germaine aid to be encapsulated within the stone. When you wear amethyst as your Pisces birthstone, it is believed you can tap into these healing energies of this ascended master.

  • You can use an amethyst crystal cluster for a focal point when meditation to channel spiritual energies from the violet flame.
  • If you need inner strength and guidance, you can carry an amethyst wand or wear a pendant.
  • You can conduct yes or no divining questions with an amethyst pendulum to infuse the guidance of the ascended master St. Germaine.
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The most commonly used birthstone for Pisces is aquamarine. You can find aquamarine in various blue hues ranging from light blue to medium intense blue. These watery colors feel ideal for dreamy Pisces. Shrouded in sensuality, mystique and deep emotions, Pisces zodiac signs often gravitate toward the energies of aquamarine since it captures the ocean water colors.

Aquamarine Energy and Properties

The depthless wonder of the ocean is reflected in the aquamarine gemstone. Legends and stories of mermaids have long followed aquamarine through history.

  • The calming effect of this crisp blue birthstone makes it a popular therapeutic crystal choice that you can hold while meditating.
  • You can carry aquamarine as a protective talisman when spending time out on the sea.
  • Fill a clear, glass, cylindrical candle holder or apothecary jar with raw uncut aquamarine crystals for a mega power tower and set in your office or on your living room coffee table to attract aquamarine's harmonious energies.
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Clear Quartz

Clear quartz, also known as rock quartz, usually has a white flint base with the clear quartz emerging in various clusters. The quartz amplification properties have long been recognized and used in electronic equipment. Known as crystals, the quartz is used to determine frequencies.

Using Clear Quartz to Fine Tune Your Energies

Quartz has long been used as a powerful healing crystal used by energy healers. Quartz is believed to absorb negative energy and then transform it back into pure positive energy. Clear quartz is often used by mediums to strengthen their connection to spirits.

  • You can use a quartz crystal pendant or hold a crystal cluster to amplify your inner desires and intentions.
  • Clear quartz can be used in raw clusters placed in your bedroom or living room or worn as a polished hexagonal single- or double-terminated pendant to ward off negative energy.
  • You can hold a clear crystal while meditating to connect with deep thoughts and emotions so you can bring them out into the light and find resolution in an inner cleansing process.
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Jade has long been a favorite gemstone of ancient China. It is considered an auspicious stone of good fortune. Carved jade fu dogs and various symbols can be found in the Chinese culture, as well as Egyptian iconic carvings made of jade.

Jade Properties of Good Fortune and Protetion

Jade was used since ancient times as a talisman, money magnet and symbol of good luck and is still coveted as a powerful gemstone. You can use each of these properties to your benefit as a Pisces birthstone.

  • If you're an artist or other pursue some other type of artistic venue, select a jade ring to tap into the energies of creativity and channel into your works of art.
  • A jade palm stone makes an excellent talisman or meditation stone for attracting wealth and abundance.
  • A jade massage stone can be used to infuse the gemstone's power to specific energy points.
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Pisces can be moody and can easily slip into bouts of depression. The ruby brings renewed energy to dreamy Pisces. Ruby is a gemstone believed to represent love and passion and has long been a favorite of the wealthy.

How to Use the Power of Pisces Ruby Birthstone

When you choose ruby as your birthstone, you invite a wellspring of renewal into your life. For Pisces, this birthstone can bring a renewal of excitement and passion.

  • Choose a ruby birthstone ring to wear on special nights with your beloved to infuse renewed passion into your relationship.
  • If you are in need of motivation for a creative project set a bowl of raw rubies in your workspace to energize it.
  • If your heart has been broken and you've retreated into your shell of protection, don a ruby pendant that falls over your heart chakra to begin the healing.
Corundum Ruby

Receive Positive Energies by Selecting a Pisces Birthstone

You can receive the many positive energies that a Pisces birthstone generates. Once you decide on the right birthstone, you must choose the form you wish to use.

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