List of Best Sagittarius Career Choices

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Sagittarius career choices are ones that allow you to be involved with other people and your community. Sagittarius jobs need to provide you with ways to explore new ideas and experience new things.

1. Advertising Sales Career for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a natural salesperson. You are born with the gift of gab and your openness and acceptance of everyone reveals your honest nature. People automatically trust you and find your enthusiasm inspiring. Your confidence in all you do assures others that you know something they don't. It doesn't take much persuasion to convince potential clients to go along with your ideas.

2. Detective or Investigator

Sagittarius has an inquisitive mind that soaks up everything you read or experience. In fact, those who know you often refer to you as their personal computer; when they need to know something, they ask you. You know how to ferret out the truth and sift through data. You're exceptional in people skills, which aids you in interviewing witnesses and suspects. You aren't easily discouraged, so when you run into dead ends, you quickly find new ways to approach your investigation.

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3. Driver

As a fire sign, Sagittarius loves to be on the move. You don't fare well in jobs that keep you tied to a desk all day. A job as a professional driver may be just what you need for a career that will take you to different cities and regions. Your mind is set free once you're behind the wheel and you enjoy the time to contemplate all the things in life you question. You may enjoy being a truck driver, a driver for car sales, bus driver, Uber driver, or other type of driving career.

4. Entrepreneur

If ever a zodiac sign were suited to be an entrepreneur, it's Sagittarius. Your never wavering self-confidence is ideal for this type of risky business. You don't blink when facing challenges and see the optimistic side of life. You find being on your own exciting and rewarding. You tend to neglect setting realistic financial guidelines, so you need to set these early on to ensure your financial success. You have excellent PR skills and know how to deal with banks when you need to infuse cash into your next project.

5. Human Resources Manager

A Sagittarius job as a Human Resources (HR) Manager is an ideal career choice. This is the type of job you can leave your personal stamp on company culture. You have an excellent temperament for engaging with employees and tactfully handling situations. You even have employees you have to fire thanking you by the end of your exit interview. Your easy-going personality makes you flexible to all the situations this position brings to your office door. You understand protocols and legal requirements of companies and have a lot to offer any organization.

Job interview with Human Resources Manager

6. Lawyer

Reading and interpreting what you read is a Sagittarius trait that serves you well as an attorney. You find the law a way to appease your need for justice. You also like the idea of being an advocate for someone who has been wronged. You enjoy the research and collection of information, details and data that's involved in your daily job performance. Whether you specialize in criminal law or corporate law, you will make your mark with an outstanding reputation.

7. College Professor

Ideas and learning are two of your strongest attributes. Sagittarius is the perpetual student since you are constantly hungry to learn new things. Tapping into that endless well of energy and imagination, your enthusiasm for theories and new discoveries is inspiring to others. Your classes will be the first on campus to fill up every year. You will enjoy going to work every day and anticipate learning something new with your students and sharing what you've discovered.

8. Publishing Manager

Sagittarius is multi-talented and when it comes to the written word, you're like a sponge soaking up liquid. You retain what you read, and you never get your fill. It's no wonder that you're drawn to the publishing world. You may write a book or two, but you find your greatest excitement in newly discovered talent that you're able to introduce to the world. It is an ongoing adventure that you relish, whether it is publishing books, content on websites, newspapers, or magazines. You enjoy being able to keep the feeds of information flowing.

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9. Restauranteur

Sagittarius is caring and enjoys entertaining others. Owning a restaurant and nurturing people through food is a dream come true for many archers. You find creating an atmosphere with great food where friends and families can come to enjoy a meal at your restaurant to be a highly rewarding career. You like all parts of the business from planning menus, to ordering foodstuffs, to finding local growers and farmers to support and being a vital part of your community.

10. Travel Writer

For Sagittarius, being a travel writer fulfills two of your deepest desires. You enjoy discovering new places and telling others about them. You are a gifted storyteller and know how to present your latest adventure, so others are enticed and encouraged to create their own adventure. You'll especially enjoy meeting all the people you come into contact during your travels and will usually keep in touch with them.

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Best Career Choices for Energetic, Intelligent Sagittarius

A list of careers suitable to the Sagittarius personality must include versatility and mental stimulation. You may have more than one career since Sagittarius often feels the pull to start a new adventure that centers around your career choice.

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List of Best Sagittarius Career Choices