Libra Birthstones and Their Powerful Meanings

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Libra birthstones can be very beneficial with their powerful energies and meanings. The most popular choices for Libra birthstones include opal, lapis lazuli, peridot, and agate.

Libra's Birthstone Opal

Opals have a mysterious essence that make them desirable and almost magical. Some opals are translucent while others are semi-translucent.

Opal and Libra Birthstone Colors

The opal color array of red, green, pink, orange, and red appear to move against a white or opaque background, creating a unique appearance. Fire opals are especially colorful with body colors ranging from red, orange, yellow, to brown. Libras are often intrigued with opal birthstones. Some properties this magical stones bring to their owners include:

  • Libra may find an opal pendant to be the perfect jewelry piece to open the throat chakra so the ram can better communicate with a lover.
  • Libra can be indecisive and insecure, but an opal can activate latent psychic abilities to aid you in having clarity and confidence.
  • If you're an artist and in need of inspiration, the energies generated from an opal birthstone ring just might guide your paintbrush or pencil to new creative strokes.
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Peridot can help Libra find direction by removing roadblocks, real and imaginary. Sometimes, Libras can stifle their potential by worrying about what others want and trying to please them.

Peridot Birthstone Empowers Libra

Peridot is a powerful birthstone that can help Libra be more decisive. This gemstone can infuse Libra with purposeful energy to overcome challenges at work and conflict in relationships.

  • Libra dislikes any kind of confrontation or conflict, but peridot imbues resolute energies to encourage Libra to be bold and speak up for yourself
  • Weighing the scales of balance can haunt Libra and cause you constantly to second-guess yourself. Peridot energies instill confidence.
  • Work decisions may tie your stomach in knots, but holding a palm stone peridot bolsters your conviction and insight so you no longer procrastinate in making those tough decisions.
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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli was ground up and used in ancient Egypt as an eyeshadow when mixed with a paste. This gemstone is known for its power energies that stimulate the mind, offers protection as a talisman, and can assist in opening spiritual energy channels.

Libra Uses for Lapis Lazuli Birthstone

Libra can benefit by using lapis lazuli as a birthstone. You can select jewelry, wands, single or double-terminated crystals, palm stones, or carved figurines as ways to use this gemstone's energies.

  • You can wear a lapis lazuli pendant while meditating to absorb the energies of self-awareness and connect with your higher self.
  • Lapis lazuli can be used as a palm stone or worry stone to calm nervous tensions and restore emotional balance and harmony.
  • If you need clarity and inspiration for creative endeavors, choose a lapis lazuli obelisk and place it near your work area or by your bed to deliver creative ideas in your dreams.
Lapis Lazuli


Agate has strong energy that can imbue Libra with new strengths. Agate is believed to bestow clear thinking and strong mental discernment, both attributes Libra often needs. Libra's airy nature isn't easy to pin down, but an agate can provide Libra with a teether to reality.

How You Can Use Agate Energies

Agate energies include the gift of focus and opening channels of communication. Libra can be easily distracted and often finds it difficult to express emotions. Agate can pave the way for Libra to be more open and direct with others.

  • You can wear an agate pendant to boost your voice to express how you truly feel to your friends and lover.
  • Agate is known to pass on strong energies that are good for anyone in sports or other type of competition. You can carry an agate talisman to keep going when you want to quit.
  • If you need a creative boost during the day or a burst of renewed energy, try placing a carved agate sculpture in your workspace.
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Deciding on the Best Libra Birthstone Based on Power Meanings

You can use the various meanings and suggestions on how to use Libra birthstones to choose one. Once you've selected your birthstone, try to use it in several ways to take full advantage of its energies.

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Libra Birthstones and Their Powerful Meanings