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Leo Birthstones and How They Can Energize Your Life

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When choosing your ideal birthstone for Leo, consider the areas of your life you wish to energize. Each birthstone is believed to have specific properties that you can use to your benefit.

Leo Birthstone Color of Black Onyx

Black onyx has long been considered a powerful gemstone of protection. This protection can be against car accidents, falls or personal physical attacks as well as spiritual assaults.

Black Onyx Superhero Powers

You could easily dub black onyx as the superhero of Leo birthstones. This gemstone not only absorbs negative energies, but it is believed it can also transform that dark energy into positive energy. You can also use black onyx for other purposes:

  • Black onyx jewelry, such as a ring that you wear all the time, can be considered a personal sentinel.
  • If you're experiencing an emotional upset, grab a palm stone black onyx and allow it to absorb all your negative feelings.
  • If your job involves daily decision making, place a black onyx statue or stone on your desk to assist you by being a shield against negative thinking.
  • Black onyx can also be used as a grounding gemstone to drain fear and worry from you.
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Carnelian was used in ancient times by warriors to bolster their courage when going into battle. It has been worn through the centuries as protection against evil or in healing practices to revitalize energy.

Energies of Carnelian for a Leo Birthstone

The many energies of carnelian can be used by Leo to tap into specific properties. They may include wearing jewelry, carrying a talisman or art objects carved from carnelian stone.

  • Wearing carnelian stone jewelry can infuse you with creative energies and excitement for life.
  • You can carry a carnelian talisman for protection whenever you travel.
  • A statue carved from carnelian can stand guard at your front entrance to ward off evil, would-be thieves or those wishing to do you harm.
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Diamonds were thought to be tears from ancient gods or bits of stars that had fallen to Earth. The rarity of diamonds made them highly prized among the wealthy of these ancient cultures. Today, diamonds are considered the ultimate expression of love and fidelity, especially when a couple becomes engaged.

Diamond Meanings for Leo Birthstone

A diamond takes 1 to 3.3 billion years to form under intense pressure and extreme temperatures. It is one of the hardest minerals on Earth. Diamond is often used as a symbol for a person who has undergone life's trials and came through sparkling and polished like a diamond. These and other attributes make diamond a good metaphysical gemstone choice for the fire sign Leo!

  • Having been formed by years of pressure and heat and coming out tougher, diamonds are great energy sources for Leo. You can tap into the diamond's resilience and fortitude to sustain against opposing forces and any adversary.
  • Diamonds are energies of purity and truth, having defeated and emerged from the most powerful of nature's forces. You can wear a diamond to find renewed determination and stamina to keep moving toward your goals.
  • Diamond's high frequency tends to attract other high frequency objects and especially wealth that you can benefit from whenever have either cut diamonds to wear or raw uncut diamonds kept in a bowl on your desk.


Ruby is believed to be a gemstone that delivers energies of great love and passion. It is said to hold great energy that can revive forgotten passions, dreams, desires, and even life goals. Rulers have long recognized the beauty and power of this gem.

Powerful Uses for Leo Ruby Birthstone

The ruby gemstone comes in pink to blood-red colors. It is considered a bottomless pool of renewed energy. A Leo may find the claims that wearing a ruby makes a person feel refreshed and energized to be true the moment she dons ruby jewelry.

  • If you are seeking to reignite a love relationship, try infusing a little ruby passion and energy by placing a natural ruby crystal on each nightstand.
  • A vase of raw natural ruby crystals placed in your living room can infuse your room with energy that's ideal for improving family dynamics.
  • You can wear ruby jewelry to empower you for creative projects or important meetings.
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Energize Your Life With Beautiful Leo Birthstones

If you're seeking ways to energize your life, a Leo birthstone is an excellent choice. Look for the one that appeals to your lifestyle and personal attributes.

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Leo Birthstones and How They Can Energize Your Life