Capricorn Birthstones and What They Represent

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Capricorn's birthstones are used to give strength, support, and ease to Capricorn's ambitious nature. They can aid in overcoming negative patterns, gift Capricorn with increased opportunities, and aid them in attracting relationships, position, power, and wealth. Among many colors, the favored birthstone colors for Capricorn are black, red, and blue.

Black Onyx Birthstone Brings Power to Capricorn

Capricorns are strong-willed, driven, determined, and natural leaders. Black onyx is a stone of power that dispels negativity and encourages good fortune. It can aid Capricorns in remaining focused on their goals and objectives. It can give them an increased aura of authority, help them make wise decisions, and provide them with the strength and stamina to reach their goals. It also supports Capricorn's steadfast nature and imparts them with the self-confidence needed to feel at ease in any situation. Onyx comes in different colors, however, it's the black onyx that has an affinity with Capricorn.

polished black Onyx gem stone

Ruby Brings Passion to Capricorn

Capricorns are nose the grindstone, realistic individuals. They often feel the weight of the world on their shoulders and are prone to bouts of sadness and depression. Rubies provide strength and vitality to a Capricorn personality. They bequeath Capricorns with self-appreciation and a passion for life. Rubies empower Capricorns to manifest their heart's desire by dispelling sadness and depression and promoting love, joy, and happiness. The color of rubies is pinkish-red to red.

Large Ruby Stone

Peridot Brings Spiritual Love to Capricorn

Peridot is a healing gemstone that can cleanse and open a Capricorn heart to joy and new relationships. It enhances their confidence, motivates growth and change, and banishes apathy. Peridot reduces stress, anger and guilt, and bequeaths a Capricorn's mind with new levels of awareness. The colors of peridot are different shades of green, the color of spiritual love.

Pile of Peridot or Chysolite

Tiger Eye Brings Luck to Capricorn

Tiger eye is a Capricorn power stone that can attract wealth, money, and luck. It has the power to protect them from misfortune and betrayal. It promotes mental clarity and assists in objectively resolving problems. Tiger eye also dispels fear, anxiety, and helps a Capricorn maintain confidence in their abilities. It can alleviate Capricorn's moodiness and release their tension. The color of tiger eye is a combination of solid black stripes with shimmering golds and brown stripes.

Tiger-eye Stone

Tourmaline Brings Joy to Capricorn

Tourmaline is a source of joy and happiness for Capricorns, who often seem a bit gloomy and depressed. It's charged with positive energy that can inspire pleasant moments in a Capricorn's life. Tourmaline releases tension, balances the right and left brains, and attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and prosperity. Tourmaline is typically black, but it does come in a range of other colors.

Black tourmaline

Garnet Brings Intimacy to Capricorn

Reserved, quiet, and accustomed to relying on themselves, Capricorns can be almost hermit-like in their private lives. Garnet invites others into a Capricorn's life by inspiring love and devotion, removing inhibitions, and opening the heart. It also eases emotional disharmony and strengthens their survival instinct by imparting courage and hope. Garnet also sharpens a Capricorn's perceptions of themselves and others. Garnet can be found in virtually all colors, but is most often seen in dark red.

red garnet mineral texture

Smoky Quartz Instills Capricorn With Positivity

Capricorns have a tendency to see the worst aspect of things and smoky quartz can add positivity to a Capricorn's life. Smokey quartz can calm fears, lift depression, dispel negativity and promote positive thoughts and actions. The colors of smoky quartz can range from grayish-brown to deep black, but whatever color it is, it's almost always opaque or translucent.

Brown smoky quartz crystals

Blue Lace Agate Clarifies Capricorn's Thoughts

Capricorn in a reserved sign that is often cautious when they speak and choose their words carefully. Blue lace agate can help a Capricorn clarify their thoughts, assist them in speaking freely, and release feelings associated with the opinions of others. Capricorns are emotionally reserved individuals, and this gemstone can also aid them in clarifying and expressing their emotions and feelings. Blue lace agates are usually a light baby blue with stripes of brighter blues, white, and brown.

blue lace agate gem stone

Lapis Lazuli Dispels Capricorn's Melancholy

Capricorns have a penchant for melancholy. Lapis lazuli is associated with Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn. Lapis lazuli symbolizes sincerity and generosity. This gemstone blocks negative energy. It can aid Capricorns in dispelling sad thoughts, dark memories, indifference, and melancholy. It also stimulates a heightened state of awareness, which keeps earthy Capricorn firmly grounded in reality. It also enhances creativity. Lapis lazuli colors are deep blue or ultramarine with golden specks.

Lapis Lazuli

Capricorn's Birthstones and the Astrological Decans

When selecting a gemstone, you can also consider birthstones that relate to the astrological decan of your Capricorn Sun. If you're a December Capricorn, you were born in the first decan of Capricorn, and Capricorn energy is powerful in you. However, Capricorns born between January 1-10 are second decan Capricorn and can add Taurus birthstones to the mix. Capricorns born in the third decan, January 11 - 21, can add Virgo birthstones to the mix.

Uses for Capricorn Birthstones and Colors

You can use one birthstone or mix the beneficial properties of two or more. They can be worn as jewelry, carried in your pocket, made into emulates, or used in meditations, rituals, or ceremonies. Astrologers have long attributed supernatural properties to the zodiac gemstones. They are said to help break karmic trends, heal ancient wounds, and escape the harshest aspects built into the fabric of your birth chart.

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Capricorn Birthstones and What They Represent