Cancer Birthstones to Create Balance in Your Life

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The water sign Cancer has deep emotions like its fellow water signs, Pisces and Scorpio. That doesn't mean it's easy for the crab to share those overwhelming powerful emotions. A Cancer birthstone can often help you communicate what you're feeling. Some of these birthstones can provide healing or calming energies to this sensitive zodiac sign.

Cancer Birthstone Colors of Moonstone

Moonstone is luminous and comes in many stone colors. The glossy sheen of colors includes pink, brown, yellow, blue, peach, gray and green. Some moonstones have a rainbow of colors. Moonstone is believed to be a bringer of good luck and can be used to heal various ailments.


How to Use Moonstone Cancer Birthstones

There are many ways you can take advantage of the moonstone energies when you use it for your Cancer birthstone. You can select jewelry pieces, or polished moonstones.

  • To call good luck and abundance to your career, you can place a moonstone on your office desk or workspace.
  • A moonstone can be used as a palm stone or a talisman that you can carry in your purse or pocket to neutralize overwhelming emotions.
  • A moonstone necklace worn during meditation or prayer can open channels to your heart chakra so you can find easier acceptance and expression of your emotions.


The pearl has been shrouded in all kinds of mysticism and tales since ancient times. Some believed the pearls were the hardening of tears shed by gods above the Earth. These bounties of the seas became coveted adornments, especially for jewelry.

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Cancer Birthstone Colors for Pearls

While most people think of opalescence orbs of beauty when they decide to use pearl as a birthstone, these ocean treasures come in many colors, such as chocolate, pink, blue, black, purple, green, and even gold, the most highly cherished pearl color.

Power of Pearls

The powerful energies of pearls are said to be those of good luck, money, abundance, and most importantly, love. As a creature of the sea, Cancer is naturally drawn to the energies emitted by pearls.

  • You can don a string of pearls for an infusion of that good vibration energy and instantly feel the renewal energy surging through you.
  • Wearing pearl earrings can bring mental clarity to Cancer amid turbulent waters of conflicting emotions, so you can see through those upsetting feelings to find the truth.
  • You can attract a windfall with a single pearl or a string of pearls. You can wear them or place in a bowl at your front door entrance. The added bonus is the protection energy pearls are reputed to bring to those owning them.


The emerald has been a favorite among the wealthy since the time of the Incas. It has been used for centuries as an adornment in crowns, jewelry and clothing.

Emerald Gemstone

Benefit of Emerald Energies for Cancer Signs

Cancer signs will find their energy levels elevated when wearing an emerald. This powerful gemstone can also give Cancer a boost in self-confidence. Emerald is often called the heart stone and is a very appropriate birthstone for Cancer.

  • Cancer can wear an emerald necklace that falls along the heart chakra to calm and support your emotional nature.
  • If you are trying to heal a broken heart or mend a strained relationship, the emerald is said to have very potent healing energies. You can hold or wear an emerald to tap into that awesome healing energy.
  • Cancer can be a worrier, especially when it comes to finances since solid monetary foundations represent a stable home for Cancer. An emerald is said to be a kind of money magnet. You can place an emerald in your purse or wallet to attract money.


Ruby is another gemstone found in ancient times to be highly regarded and cherished. It has adorned all many of objects from chalices, crowns, jewelry, and royal garb.

Large Ruby Stone

How Cancer Can Benefit From Energies of a Ruby Birthstone

Ruby energies can imbue Cancer with an emotional stability that will put Cancer on an even keel. Ruby is believed to be a blood purifier and is often used by energy worker to combat infections.

  • Your rising temper is easily tamped down whenever you wear a ruby or carry one in your pocket.
  • Ruby jewelry can infuse the gemstone's energies of integrity and courage whenever you wear it.
  • You can fire up that energy reserve with a ruby and maintain it daily when you wear a ruby ring on your left hand since the energy channels will take that stimulating energy directly to your heart.

Achieving Life Balance Using Cancer Birthstones

If you're zodiac sign is Cancer, you can move toward achieving a balance in your life with a Cancer birthstone. Consider the various energies of each Cancer birthstone before making your selection.

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Cancer Birthstones to Create Balance in Your Life