Aries Birthstones and Their Dynamic Properties

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Birthstones for Aries are unique gemstones with dynamic properties. You can choose from bloodstone, diamonds, red jasper, and topaz for your ideal Aries birthstone.

Best Aries Birthstone Colors and Properties

Aries is a powerful, sexy and dynamic sun sign that demands a birthstone that can live up to these energies. The Aries birthstones have all of these attributes in common while having other distinct properties that make them special for an Aries personality.


Bloodstones are deep green jasper gemstones with splotches of bright red that resemble blood. It is often called the Christ's Stone since it is believed to have pure blood energies. Those born under the Aries sign are often drawn to this powerful birthstone.


The healing energies of the bloodstone are used to purify and cleanse blood. It's often carried as a protection talisman.

  • You can display a bloodstone sphere in your home or office to counter electromagnetic energies and other negative energies in your home or office.
  • Energy and holistic healers often use bloodstone to cleanse the blood and open chakras.
  • You can wear a bloodstone pendant for grounding and reinforcing your intuitive and/or psychic abilities.


According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), ancient Romans believed diamond were remnants of stars while ancient Greeks thought they were tears from their gods. Diamonds discovered in India's rivers and streams started a craze for diamonds as status jewelry that continues to this day.


The hardness of diamonds make them very desirable in industry, but their mystique and beauty still captivate brides and others alike. Diamonds are given as symbols of love and faithfulness as well as purity and innocence. Metaphysically, diamonds represent the value of self. They are often used in healings to imbue the hardness of the diamond to help withstand life tragedies and circumstance. Diamond are symbols of grace under pressure.

  • You can use diamond crystals, which are pure forms and retain massive energies and often are used to heal brain related illnesses such as delusions or mental stress.
  • Rough uncut diamonds are often used in clearing rituals for negative spirit infestations, but must be immediately cleansed after use so they don't retain the negative energies.
  • You can wear cut diamond jewelry to take advantage of the high energy frequency that are enhanced with cut stones that attract wealth and abundance.

Red Jasper

In ancient cultures, red jasper was revered as a sacred protection stone. It was used by warriors going into battle and spiritual travelers to protect them from evil forces.

Red jasper

Aries birthstone color of red jasper offers many beneficial properties that include physical, mental and spiritual. Native Americans called red jasper Blood of Mother Earth and use the stone to ensure health and remain tied to nature. You can call upon the energies of red jasper to help you in various areas of life.

  • Red jasper is believed capable of delivering energies of strength to those who wear it and is often used to heal a sluggish or poor libido.
  • You may want to wear a red jasper pendant, cross, Star of David or other religious symbol to use for a spiritual grounding tool.
  • If you need stamina to finish a 10k run or see a project to fruition, wearing a red jasper pendant or other piece of jewelry can get you across the finish line.


Topaz comes is an array of colors that include red, orange, white, blue, yellow, pink, brown, and green. You can select the color that appeals to you the most for a coveted Aries birthstone.

Colorful gemstones

Topaz is used as a booster for energy. It is believed to improve eyesight and is often used as a talisman/amulet of protection. Some believe that wearing topaz will bestow magical energies.

  • You can wear topaz jewelry to recharge your energy levels.
  • Topaz is used in healing energy work to open and realign chakras that are spinning in the wrong directions.
  • You can give topaz as a gift of love since it's believed to bestow good fortune on the receiver.

Capitalizing on Dynamic Properties Found in Aries Birthstones

You can use the dynamic properties in the Aries birthstones to heal, energize, protect, and advance spiritual growth. Explore the characteristics of each birthstone to understand what energies it bestows to wearers.

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Aries Birthstones and Their Dynamic Properties