5 Key Ways Mercury Retrograde Impacts Relationships

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Mercury, the planet of communication, appears to move in retrograde motion for approximately three weeks, three or four times each year. During Mercury retrograde periods, it can affect how you think and how you communicate with others. Good communication is essential in any relationship, so during Mercury retrograde, relationships can go askew.

Mercury Retrograde and Relationships

There can be all sorts of drama, confusion, and petty arguments in relationships when Mercury is retrograde. Forewarned is forearmed, so it's a good idea to to think ahead and mark Mercury's retrograde (Rx) dates on your calendar. Mercury Rx can affect relationships in many ways.

1. Reconnecting With Past Lovers

It's common when Mercury is retrograde to feel nostalgic about an old relationship and feel the urge to email, call, text, or even knock on the door of a past love. Perhaps you're thinking you want to rekindle the romantic relationship or rehash the ending and get some closure. Mercury Rx times are an excellent time to track down past loves. However, reconnecting with a past love is not something that should be done without considerable reflection.

2. Words Will Need to Be Clarified

Miscommunication can cause confusion and hurt feelings between partners during Mercury Rx. Be patient with your partner, and don't hesitate to repeat yourself or restate something you've already said in a different way. During Mercury Rx times, it's common for "you said, I heard" interactions, and you may need to clarify what you've said to your date or partner.

3. Partners Will Need Reassurance

During Mercury Rx, you and your significant other may both need reassurance that your love for one another is alive and well. This can be done by revisiting your first date or even a recommitment ceremony. Reassuring your partner of your love for them can be comforting during Mercury retrograde times.

4. You'll Need to Go With the Flow

It's common during Mercury Rx for plans to go haywire. So, there's a need to be flexible, understanding, and not take it personally if a date or partner doesn't show up, text, call, or bails at the last minute.

5. First Impressions Will Be Wonky

Trust that what you see and think about someone may not be what you see and think about them after Mercury goes direct. It's not a good idea to begin a new relationship during Mercury Rx. As enticing as finding a new relationship might be, it's best to put your dating life on hold when Mercury is retrograde.

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Romantic Relationship Tips for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Rx can bring chaos into a romantic relationship or they can be healing. They can be a great time to take a look back and clean up any unresolved issues, then kiss and make up.

Relationship Retrospective

A relationship retrospective is a healthy way to use Mercury Rx times. It's the perfect time for loving couples to review the positives and negatives and re-visualize, re-ignite, and re-commit to their relationship. Doing a relationship retro during Mercury Rx is probably the best thing you can do for maintaining a happy, healthy, and loving relationship.

Honor Past Romantic Relationships

If you're not in a relationship or even if you are, Mercury Rx is the perfect time to honor past loves by reflecting back on what was good and bad. Every intimate relationship teaches you a lot about yourself. Reflecting on past relationships can be a profound life lesson that can lead you to more fulfilling relationships in the future.

Mercury Retrograde Is Neither Good nor Bad

Mercury Rx can make or break a relationship. It can be a time when couples think their relationships make no sense, when harsh words are spoken, or ultimatums are given that can't be taken back. However, it's also a time when a relationship can be mended, renewed, rekindled, and renegotiated. In the end, Mercury Rx is neither good nor bad. It's what you choose to make of it.

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5 Key Ways Mercury Retrograde Impacts Relationships