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Perfect Gift Suggestions for Every Zodiac Sign

Patricia Lantz C.Ht.
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Finding the perfect gift can be quite the challenge. However, if you're generous enough to buy a gift for someone, you probably know their birth date. Everyone wants to give the "wow" factor, and it's easier than you think! All you need to know is their zodiac sign and follow this handy gift giving guide. Using the Zodiac is a unique and fun way to select the perfect gift for your loved ones, friends, and associates.

Aries Gift Suggestions

Aries individuals are busy and active. They are the leaders of the pack and first in line to get things going. When considering a gift for an Aries, think physicality, action, challenging, and fun.

Aries Woman

A wonderful gift for an Aries woman would be anything that matches her speed and affirms her bold and pioneering style of life.

  • All Aries "bad" girls will feel affirmed after reading Bad Girls Throughout History, which tells tale upon tale of the most influential, bold, and groundbreaking women from every time period and corner of the earth. Around $20.
  • An Aries runner is passionate about her sport. Nothing will "wow" her more than a pair of Nike sneakers, such as Nike Air Vapormax sneakers. About $200.00.

Aries Man

An Aries man loves stimulation and excitement, manly "toys," and anything that challenges him.

  • Quik Pod ULTRA for GoPro has a built-in selfie mirror that will allow the unstoppable Aries man to film himself in action. About $70.00.
  • Gifting an Aries man with the Polar M400 GPS running watch will allow him to run beyond the ordinary and paired with his phone, he can keep up with his busy life as well. About $200.00.

Taurus Gift Suggestions

Be it pleasure or comforts Taurus indulges in excess. When trying to decide what gift to give these sensual and artistic souls think beautiful, soft, silky, comfy, and luxurious.

Taurus woman

A Taurus woman is madly attuned to all things beautiful. She's sensual, indulgent, and has a level of taste that exceeds most.

  • Taurus loves to be pampered, and this basket of warm honey and soothing almond fragrance will indulge her sensual nature. Try this honey spa-in-a-basket by LOVERY. Under $35.00.
  • This earthy floral scarf from Chan Luu is absolutely gorgeous and would make an elegant gift for the earthy Taurus woman. About $245.00.

Taurus Man

A Taurus man works hard and wants to surround himself with comfort, luxury, and all the good things money can buy.

  • For Taurus, it's quality over quantity, and just one pair of these soft and warm pure cashmere socks will bathe his feet in luxury. About $50.00.
  • The touch, aroma, quality, and craftsmanship of this Leather Pen Case from Saddleback Leather Co. is certain to impress any Taurus man. About $40.00.

Gemini Gift Suggestions

Gemini is curious, fun, chatty, loves to learn, and is a master of trivia. Gemini lives in the "now," and gifts like trendy gadgets, toys, technology, or anything novel are sure to please.

Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman is drawn to things that are colorful, whimsical, new, unusual, and quirky.

  • Gemini woman is a cat person, and this whimsical spectacle kitty watch is sure to catch her fancy. About $7.00.
  • Cheerful and chatty that's a Gemini woman. She's sure to love the emoji design on this Marta Olga Klara iPhone Case, as a matter of fact it might be on her wish list. About $30.00

Gemini Man

Gemini men are easy to buy for just keep the gift fun and thought provoking.

Cancer Gift Suggestions

Cancer places special value on home, family, and country. When choosing a gift for a Cancer, keep in mind they are traditional, nostalgic, love to be nurtured, and enjoy sentimental gifts that allow them to share their memories.

Cancer Woman

When gifting a Cancer woman, remember she's a nostalgic homemaker, so you should wrap it up pretty.

  • The Cancer woman tends to be a pack-rat of emotional memories and there's no better way to remember than Letters To My Future Self. About $15.00.
  • These old fashioned cast-iron skillets from William-Sonoma will spark a Cancer woman's thoughts of Mom, times past and warm family dinners. From about $15.00 to around $80.00.

Cancer Man

A Cancer man likes to work around the house so gifts that connect to family and allow him appreciate the past are winners.

  • A Cancer man love to putter in the kitchen. However, even if he can't cook Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need will help him actually make it and tell stories about it later. About $20.00
  • If you know a significant day in a Cancer man's life, help him celebrate by turning the New York Times front page story of that day into leisurely fun by gifting him with a custom front page puzzle. About $45.00.

Leo Gift Suggestions

Leos are warm, gregarious, have a flair for the dramatic, and place great value on making an impression. When selecting a gift for a Leo, forget garish or overly sentimental and think regal and classic. Presentation is important, so be creative, original, and wrap your gift to impress.

Leo Woman

Whether a homebody or career woman a Leo woman wants the best. She loves silk, cashmere, velvet, jewelry, and high thread count sheets.

  • A Leo woman will make eyes turn when she wears a warm and stylish red cashmere wool scarf. Under $45.00.

  • With her penchant for red and gold as well as fun and playful, this antique gold metal and red lips key ring is certain to thrill her. About $60.00.

Leo Man

When gifting a Leo man, stick with things that are fun, gold or have lasting value. If it can be personalized, he'll like it even better.

Virgo Gift Suggestions

When choosing a Virgo gift, practicality rules. So, anything that reduces clutter and keeps spaces well-organized will be a welcome gift for these meticulous personalities.

Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman is a polished and practical time manager, who is organized and has "a place for everything and wants everything in its place."

Virgo Man

A Virgo man is a "handy man" who's health conscious and makes an effort to stay physically fit. So, thinking along these lines can help you find the perfect gift.

  • A subscription Men's Health Magazine All Access is a gift that keeps on giving to the health conscious Virgo man. Under $20 (10 issues/12 months).
  • A great gift for a hard-working Virgo handy man would be The Handyman Gift Basket. Around $100.00.

Libra Gift Suggestions

Libras are aesthetes; they love harmony, balance, and beauty in all things. When gifting a Libra, forget practically and go for beautiful. Then wrap the gift elegantly with gossamer paper and lush bows.

Libra Woman

The Libra woman has an eye for beauty, a keen mind, and is the queen of hearts.

  • The queen of hearts will be touched when gifted with a book filled with some of most moving, funny, shameless, and erotic love poems in history like you'll find in A Book of Love Poetry. About $20.00
  • These gold-leaf IMAX Danes Boxes with Asian-inspired clasps will enchant any Libra woman. Under $75.00 for a set of two.

Libra Man

Libra man is refined and fashionable. When selecting a gift for this urbane man, think tasteful, useful, thoughtful, and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Gift the fashionable Libra man with a year full of effortless style from SPREZZABOX. Under $30 per month.
  • Good grooming is a must for this sophisticated man, and he can do in style with The Perfect Shave Kit from Anthony. About $65.00.

Scorpio Gift Suggestions

Scorpio is secretive, investigative, and passionate. When it comes to selecting a gift for a Scorpio, don't over think it, think, guilty pleasures.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women are secretive, keep much under lock and key, and have a reputation of being vindictive. So, with this in mind think hidden and dark humor when gifting a Scorpio woman.

Scorpio Man

When gifting a Scorpio man, remember he's a cloak and dagger guy who's a great lover of secrets and mysteries, and you're sure to find a gift that will intrigue him.

  • For the Scorpio man who imagines himself a wizard, the magic wand TV remote will be an awesome gift. Under $65.00.
  • The Complete Sherlock Holmes would be the perfect the man who's both a detective and a puzzle. Around $70.00.

Sagittarius Gift Suggestions

The Sagittarius is a wander and wonder. They're travelers in search of knowledge. When trying to decide on a gift these free-spirited souls, consider one that helps them explore the world or broadens their mind.

Sagittarian Woman

When gifting a Sagittarian woman, remember she's a fun-loving, literary gypsy who embraces bare feet, road trips, music festivals, turquoise and crystal jewels, and sumptuous fabric.

  • Light up the bohemian space she calls home with this unique goatskin purple henna ceiling lamp. About $55.00.
  • She's boho (bohemian) chic and this raw crystal, gemstone and other hand-picked healing and power stones healing bracelet is perfect for her free-spirited nature. About $80.00.

Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man is a vagabond and voyager. So, think travel and far way places when selecting a gift for this man.

  • This restless soul can wander and wonder from place to place without leaving home with a subscription to National Geographic Magazine. Under $20 for a one year subscription.
  • The travlin' Sagittarius man can pack his bag and go with this men's canvas and leather travel bag. Price about $50.00.

Capricorn Gift Suggestions

A Capricorn is a serious, calm, strong willed, takes charge individual who is very aware of time. So, when shopping for a Capricorn a gift look for practical, useful, longevity or something that relates to the passage of time.

The Capricorn Woman

A classy Capricorn woman is known to be hard-working and career-oriented. The key to finding the ideal gift for her is to appeal to her ambitious side.

The Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man is the archetypal business man. Being organized, busy, and successful is what his life revolves around. Gifts that allow him to manage his time are a good choice.

Aquarius Gift Suggestions

Aquarians tend to be witty and have an offbeat way of seeing and living life. So, you can't miss when you give this unique individual a gift that's geeky, quirky, witty, or intelligent.

Aquarius Woman

This post-modern independent woman is a true "out of the world" original. Forget about gifts that touch her heart and go for those touch her mind.

The Aquarian Man

The innovative Aquarian man is technically advanced. So, you can choose gifts for him from a whole range of hi-tech gadgets or electronics.

Pisces Gift Suggestions

Pisces is synonymous with creativity, imagination, and fluidity. A gift for these sensitive individuals doesn't have to be expensive or big, but do use your imagination and wrap it with glittery paper and bows.

The Pisces Woman

A Pisces women tends to be creative, romantic, in tune with the ocean, and in love with glitz and glam. Gifts that echo these traits are sure to make her happy.

  • Pisces women love everything about the ocean. Her eyes will light up when she when she opens her gift and finds this custom beach charm bracelet. Starting at $13.00.
  • The Pisces woman can get creative, imaginative and make herself glamorous with this make up kit. Around $60.00.

The Pisces Man

A Pisces man likes to go to ethereal places. So, a gift that somehow relates to music or water is certain to delight him. Keep in mind this includes fine wines and liquors.

Gift Giving

The very best gift you can give another person shows that you have participated imaginatively in their life. However, it is sometime hard to imagine a gift that says "I see you and appreciate you" unless you know a person well. Astrologers participate imaginatively in other people's lives every day. So, take the astrological traits listed, the gifts suggested and let your imagination run with them. Remember a gift is not just about money, it has more important intangible qualities.

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Perfect Gift Suggestions for Every Zodiac Sign