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Zodiac Symbols and Meanings

Jacqueline Dautaj
12 zodiac glyphs

Each sign of the Roman zodiac has a specific symbol that is associated with it, and that symbol often reflects the inherent characteristics of the sign. See how well your zodiac symbol demonstrates and illustrates your astrological profile.

Zodiac Symbols for Each Sign

The particular symbols and glyphs associated with each sign quickly sum up each one's inherent nature.This is quite helpful because it means that you don't need to have in-depth knowledge of the astrological signs in order to determine what a particular sign governs within the zodiac wheel.


The first of the twelve zodiac signs, the Aries symbol is the ram, a male sheep that climbs to the highest peaks in the land, sometimes, just to enjoy the view!

Aries symbol

These adventurous and spirited individuals are equipped with the formidable horns of the ram, a clear deterrent to others should they be foolish enough to threaten! Additionally, you can also spot an Aries sun or Aries ascendant by his or her characteristic walk; the head usually leans slightly forward. Many astrologers believe this can be attributed this to the sign's symbol, the ram.


Taurus' guiding principle is "I maintain" and its symbol is the bull. In fact, the bull was once seen as a highly erotic, sensual and fertile creature.

Taurus symbol illustration

Amazingly enough, drawing the outline of the bull (an upside down triangle with two horns) yields the outline of the female womb and Fallopian tubes! Is this where the highly sensual, erotic and pleasure loving attributes of Taurus come from? Perhaps!


Ah Gemini. There may not be as many news cable networks if it weren't for Gem's inherently chatty and inquisitive nature!

Gemini symbol illustration

This sign's zodiac symbol is the Roman numeral II, and it symbolizes the sign's twin identities. There are no masculine or feminine energies attributed to this sign, for as the first air sign, Gem rules neutrality. As such, Gemini is regarded as androgynous (Remember this only deals with the sun sign here!) and because of this, has the capacity for divine wholeness.


Sweet Cancer feels deeply, and so it is no surprise that this sign's symbol represents a deep well of emotion; the crab. Note that the crab has a soft underbelly and a hard outer shell. It is very easy to wound Cancers, but they may not show it.

Cancer symbol illustration

Think about the movements of crabs. They tend to dart left and right, zigzagging from side to side in search of prey. If danger approaches, they go into their shell. If there is a chance that their prey will get away, they snap!


The symbol for mighty Leo's ruler is the life-giving sun itself. Represented by a circle with a single dot in the middle, the symbol is meant to echo the shape of the sun, while the dot in the middle represents the infinite source of divine energy and vitality that resides within each person.

Leo symbol illustration

This symbol of Leo, therefore, represents complete self-realization and massive stores of creativity. Additionally, the lion with his pride, his pack and with his king of the jungle status, also accurately represents fun-loving Leo!


Virgo is typically represented by the Virgin, an effort to show how in the sixth sign and in the second of the earth signs, it is now time to let the child go.

Virgo symbol

This typically requires a sense of reality and practicality which are hallmarks of the Virgo personality. Things being neat, a sense of order and a fail-proof plan are all Virgo traits.


Libra is born at a time of year when daytime and nighttime are perfectly equal, and therefore, it's only fitting that the scales of justice are this sign's symbol.

Libra illustration

Libra traditionally invites comparisons, whether it is in the form of order, size, color, time or just plain old judgment; this is where Libra is in his or her element.


The glyph of Scorpio is an M with the final slash of the M pointing upward in an arrow shape. This symbol has been interpreted to mean inherent sexuality, or just being ready to strike.

Scorpio symbol

What is truly exciting about Scorpios is that they are the only sign of the zodiac to have not one, not two, but three symbols! The scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix are truly telling symbols of the strength and diversity of this much maligned sign.


The centaur has long been the symbol for Sagittarians (the arrow is the sign's glyph).

Sagittarius symbol

Astrologers feel that the symbol of the centaur, a creature that is half man, half horse, represents man's ability to rise above his animal instincts, while maintaining some of the animal's awesome power and strength.


The goat is the ancient symbol of Capricorn, and it represents one who climbs to the top of the mountain with the aim of spreading his knowledge.

Capricorn symbol

Keep in mind that the goat is a very special animal. This is an animal that can survive when the soil is very poor and conditions are adverse. The goat also tends to be a solitary figure. For the goat, even if the climb to the top is solitary, the view from there is well worth the trip!


Your symbol, Aquarius, is the image of a male (although in some very old texts it was a woman) kneeling and holding two jugs in a downward, pouring gesture.

Aquarius symbol

The jugs are said to contain life-giving water and symbolize mankind's collective knowledge. This water is poured into the cosmos for the benefit of all mankind.


Perhaps one of the most famous zodiac symbols of all are the fish.

Pisces symbol

Tied together with a single cord, one fish swims upstream while the other swims down. This symbol suggests the need to reconcile and integrate both the material and ethereal worlds into one.

Language Without Words

The point of symbols is that they are universal. In other words, you don't need to speak a particular language, or be able to speak at all, in order to interpret the symbol's meaning. This is especially true when it comes to astrology. Astrology is based on the ancient esoteric schools of mysticism, a time when knowledge had to remain secret, and symbols readily helped in this feat. To those without ancient wisdom, the symbols were just pictures. For those who understood the root of the symbols, the images were gateways to even more arcane knowledge. By understanding the symbol associated with each of the zodiac signs, you move one step closer to comprehending that ancient wisdom.

Zodiac Symbols and Meanings