Year of the Earth Rat

What will your year look like?
What will your year look like?

The year of the earth rat marks the beginning of a new 60-year cycle in the Chinese zodiac. Find out what makes this year so significant and what it may portend for each astrological sign.

About the Year of the Earth Rat

It seems like it has taken forever, but the Chinese zodiac has finally come full circle to the year of the earth rat once again. The last time the earth rat held sway was in 1948, and this means earth rat baby boomers will be celebrating their 60th birthday. With that in mind, let's explore some of the characteristics of the next generation that will be born in 2008.

2008 Earth Rats

Individuals born in a year ruled by the earth rat are typically blessed with their share of good fortune. Rats are generally resourceful and adaptable, so they tend to land on their feet wherever they are. Rats can also be a bit capricious, and frankly reckless, but the influence of the brown earth element brings greater balance to the rat's basic water character.

The Earth Rat's Influence on the Zodiac

As we look into the earth rat year, it's important to keep in mind that decisions made and actions taken at the beginning of a new 60-year cycle can have far reaching influence over our lives. This can be both good and bad, so consider carefully before making any major life changes.

Now let's visit each zodiac sign to see what's in store.


As previously mentioned, the rat's good fortune will be increased this year. However, this is a time for the rat to pay special attention to personal relationships. Make sure that the people close to you know how you feel about them, and resist the urge to entertain outside flirtations. Commitments made this year are bound to go the distance if you're honest and straightforward.


For the steady ox, this should be a year when all the hard work you've put in pays off. The first half of the year may seem slightly chaotic as the water and earth elements vie for balance, but by the second half of the year harmony should reign.


Tigers have enjoyed a good deal of prosperity over the last two years, but the earth rat's influence is about to bring a change in fortunes. You're likely to experience criticism from all fronts, so be prepared to control your aggressions. Your closest friends and family will help you see the year through if you are careful to respect their feelings.


Rabbits will find this a year of personal and career growth if they are able to buckle down and stay the course. Refrain from criticizing others and concentrate on finding harmony in your own life.


The good fortune that the Dragon was just beginning to enjoy last year will intensify under the influence of the earth rat. This year should find you with great energy to accomplish the goals you set. It's also going to be a good year for meeting your soul mate if you haven't already, so pay special attention!


This is the year for snakes to crawl out of their hiding places and take advantage of career opportunities. Money may become a struggle if you can't resist your spending impulses. The earth rat helps you be a bit more conservative, so think before you spend and you should be okay. Relax and let people get closer to you.


Rat years are not especially advantageous for horses. You'll likely face health and career challenges, so take good care of yourself to remain strong. This is a year for reflecting more than putting life changes into effect. Put more effort into finding peace in your life, and appreciate the companionship found with friends and family.


Avoid making rash decisions in the first half of the year, or you may feel the effects for a long time to come. This is a time to expand your horizons through education and travel. A bit of personal therapy won't hurt either. Love will definitely have its challenges this year, but if you are able to see yourself clearly, romance can bloom and prosper.


The struggle between earth and water elements will present some definite challenges, but after the first quarter of the year you will begin to enjoy the fruit of your labors. This should turn out to be a good year for love and career, but you need to make your choices wisely.


The earth rat year finds roosters facing some definitely negative energy. It's extremely important to try to keep your focus on the positive, and resist the urge to take the bait in bad situations. Be especially careful with your money this year, and focus on education to further your career goals. Relationships will also need nurturing to sustain them.


This will be a good year for dogs. Accept the praise you receive from friends and coworkers, and take constructive criticism in the spirit it's given. You'll learn things that can help further your career goals. Relationships begun this year have the potential to last.


It's always good to be a pig during rat years. The positive energy surrounding you makes it difficult to put a foot wrong, but that's no excuse to be reckless. You stand a good chance in advancing in your career as well as maintaining financial prosperity. Romance is also on the horizon, but existing love relationships will also deepen. This could be the year you decide to take the plunge and get married. Keep in mind the importance of the beginning of this new cycle and make your choices wisely.

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Year of the Earth Rat