Why People Read Horoscopes

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People read horoscope for a wide variety of reasons. Some truly feel that astrology can predict the future, while others read just for fun. Whatever the reason, there's no denying the popularity of horoscopes.

Reasons People Read Horoscopes

Looking for Answers

Horoscopes can lend guidance to people when it comes time to make a decision. When the forecast is vague and general, many people can still derive meaning from it by applying it to a particular situation. People who cannot find the answers to the questions on their minds through other means may turn to horoscopes to find some guidance. When readers seemingly find answers to burning questions in a horoscope they may decide to turn to this method more often.

One way to answer particular questions is to read a natal chart, and this chart can focus on:

  • Progressed chart: A progressed chart takes into account the time and date you were born, and moves the planets along depending for the age you are reading for. For example, if you'd like to get an idea about what will happen during your fortieth year, you would add that figure to your natal sun sign, and then read the aspects the planets make.
  • Solar Arc chart: A solar chart is very similar to a progressed chart, but here, the amount of time is added to all of the planets, and then each is moved (creating an arc) within your natal chart. For example, Mars is in your natal ninth house, but now at age 35, you see that Mars has moved into your twelfth house. This can mean that now is a good time to work on any psychological issues or find a good counselor to talk to.

For Entertainment

Many astrologers write forecasts for specific genres, such as romance horoscopes for women's magazines or celebrity horoscopes for gossip magazines. Humorous forecasts can be a lot of fun to read, whether or not the reader actually believes that astrology has merit.

Many people read astrological columns for fun and don't necessarily consider them valid predictors of events and emotions. Additionally, avid readers who consider these forecasts as reliable predictors may still find entertainment value within in them as well.

Out of Habit

Some people read their horoscope out of habit. Perhaps they grew up reading their horoscope over breakfast and simply continued the practice as they grew older. However, there is a difference between reading horoscopes occasionally and reading them habitually. While some people may read a forecast and take the advice lightly, other people may become so reliant upon astrological predictions that they refuse to make any major changes or pursue anything new without first having consulted with an astrologer.

Many astrologers agree that it is not the most practical choice to become so dependent upon the broad advice of generalized forecasts that your every move is choreographed with regard to what an astrological forecast points toward. In other words, if you are looking for sage astrological advice regarding an important decision, you may want to consult with a professional who is capable of drawing up your complete birth chart.

Types of Horoscopes

Horoscopes purport to interpret the way astrological bodies influence people's lives based on their date of birth. The forecasts can be divided into two categories: general and personal.

A more detailed natal forecast takes into consideration the exact time of your birth. Generalized horoscopes, such as those found daily in newspapers or monthly within popular magazines, offer broad advice that might be applied to many different people within a wide spectrum of situations.

While some avid horoscope readers indulge in the daily newspaper's offerings, others may only put their trust into a forecast that was created specifically for them.

Readily Available

Gone are the days when people seeking astrological advice risked ridicule. Horoscopes are now generally accepted within society and are readily available through a wide variety of sources. Most daily newspapers feature horoscopes, as do many magazines. The Internet has a vast selection of astrology websites to choose from, and many people have horoscopes delivered directly to their e-mail or text messaged to their phones. If you wonder why people read horoscopes, one of the main reasons may simply be because these entertaining forecasts are so readily available.

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Why People Read Horoscopes