What Signs Are Compatible With Gemini?

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Gemini is compatible with a number of zodiac signs. Gemini's best love matches include other Geminis, Libras, and Aquarius, but other horoscope signs may also have potential romantic compatibility with Gemini.

Which Signs Are Compatible With Gemini?

In terms of compatibility, Geminis are an air element and therefore tend to have the most romantic compatibility with other elements.

Gemini and Gemini Lovers

This is an obvious pairing of likes. You both are both charming, energetic chatters. Your magnetic charisma is doubled with your natural social skills that make you the life of any party. Sex will be fun and playful. The only negative issue is that both of you may not have matured enough to create a stable and long-lasting relationship. Your inherent Gemini nature is constant change. One thing for certain, you'll never be bored with each other.

Gemini and Libra Couple

This combination is a great match with incredible mental compatibility. Your sexual relationship could easily become an out-of-control passionate love affair. A whirlwind of sensual bliss can make you forget the rest of the world for a while. Both of you are artistic and appreciate the finer things in life. Libra's ability to understand Gemini's dual nature gives a balance to the relationship that some signs might not be able to achieve. Libra appreciates Gemini's versatility and curiosity. Libra is eager to help Gemini find answers to those burning questions. Libra's laid-back attitude accepts Gemini's idiosyncrasies because Libra also has a few.

Gemini and Aquarius Romance

These two star-struck signs are in for an exciting love adventure. Aquarius's ruling planet, Uranus, always delivers sudden changes and surprises that are Gemini's mainstay in life. These two signs love going on spontaneous and unexpected adventures. You're social butterflies and accept invitations, host lavish parties and travel to the next exciting destination.

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Sex can be very exciting as long as your passions don't burn out. With a little effort, you can have a sizzling lifelong love affair. You'll share deep conversations late into the night over a bottle of wine. Gemini will be influenced by Aquarius who can help channel some of Gemini's chaotic energy into worthwhile venues.

Other Compatible Signs for Gemini

There are a few other zodiac signs that are very compatible with energetic Gemini.

Gemini and Leo: Windy Roar

You know what happens when a gust of air stirs through a fire. You can imagine what will happen when a Gemini first meets Leo. Once the smoke clears, there will still be a lot of affection until the next wildfire is kindled. There's also a bit of drama involved because Leo loves being in the limelight. Gemini won't mind sharing the spotlight because while Leo is gazing into the mirror, Gemini's out and about flirting with other admirers. Gemini needs to be watchful because the loyal lion won't tolerate too much flirting. Leo loves Gemini with all of the passion that makes this sign a fierce lover. Poor Leo will be left dazed and confused by this spinning tornado. Leo needs to accept that there are many things about this brilliant lover that can't be understood.

Gemini and Aries: Firestorm

This couple is a powerhouse together. You never rest. When this fire sign ignites with Gemini, it's explosive and powerful. Aries knows how to excite and intrigue this air sign. Gemini appreciates Aries' virility, especially the fire sign's flirtatious ways. Aries' sexy mind excites and stimulates Gemini into a passionate frenzy. These two will enjoy being in the great outdoors and coming back to a posh comfortable home. You'll live the best of all worlds together.

Gemini and Sagittarius: Heavenly Match

The attraction between these two signs is instant. The two of you are drawn together like magnets. You just can't help yourselves. There's electricity in the air, and your mind is screaming to you that this is crazy, but it's too exciting and fun to deny. Sagittarius is an attentive lover, but independent Gemini will find it difficult to let someone cater to her/his every need. Once Gemini understands Sagittarius's natural need to serve as an expression of love, everything will go along smoothly.

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The only negative about this relationship is that both of you possess a "live and let live" attitude. You must have your freedoms and so neither of you can deny the other what you want. One of you must eventually step up and set your cart back on track. If you can work together to find a balance in your lives, this can be a long-enduring and rewarding relationship.

Gemini's Love Compatibility With Other Signs

There are some instances where sun signs that aren't considered compatible have a great harmonious relationship. You need to compare your charts to determine why your water and air sun signs or earth and air sun signs do mix.

Air and Water: How You Mix

If you're a Gemini and have many of your planets in water signs, you may have a great relationship with Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces that you wouldn't naturally have. To examine the basic properties of water versus air, nature demonstrates the issues. Wind rushes over the surface of water rarely able to dip below the surface. When air manages to plunge deeper, it creates either a water spout or a hurricane.

Air and Earth: How You Mix

If you're a Gemini with planets located in earth signs like Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus, you may find yourself grounded more than the average Gemini. Things to consider when combining these two sun signs are how the earth cannot hold on to air the way it does water. Air stirs over the earth, kicking up dust and creating dust storms or tornadoes.

Combining Sun Signs for a Gemini Love Match

People are more than their sun sign, but looking at how each sign mixes with the other allows you to explore how Gemini matches up with various other members of the zodiac. There's a lot that goes into a love and romance pairing chart, so keep an open mind no matter which sign you are attracted to.

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