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What Is My Mayan Zodiac Haab Sign?

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Mayan astrology differs from traditional Zodiac astrology, but finding your Mayan haab sign is a simple process. All you need is your birth month and date to find your Mayan zodiac sign and begin to decipher its meaning.

What Is Your Mayan Zodiac Haab Sign?

Just as in other types of astrology, there are symbols to represent each sign. Signs are divided based on segments of the year in the Mayan set. One thing you'll notice is that Mayan ranges are shorter than others. Personality traits tend to overlap to some degree with those of traditional astrology as well. Note that the version below is based on the nineteen month calendar - the Haab Calendar - and does not reflect the tuniversary, nor the tzolkin day.

Ch'en: January 2 to January 21

If born under this sign, you're likely to be wise and spiritual. This sign is often referred to as the internal well of knowledge. You may also be a very religious person and be the one your friends turn to when they're seeking direction in their faith.

Yax: January 22 to February 10

You're enlightened. You tend to have your mind clear at most times, uninhibited by daily stresses that can cloud the minds of others. You're practical and pragmatic and may even be described as no-frills.

Zac: February 11 to March 2

You tend to be a problem solver. You don't like loose ends and you are the king or queen of taking care of unfinished business.

Ceh: March 3 to March 22

If you were born under this sign, you're probably bold, maybe even feisty. There's almost nothing you're too afraid to try, and if you do try it and it doesn't work out, you have no regrets. You are probably the epitome of adventurous.

Mak: March 23 to April 11

At home in the decision-making process and always comfortable with what you've decided once you're done, you are probably a perfectionist and organizer. You like to have everything in absolute order.

K'ank'in: April 12 to May 1

You're likely to be a fan of parapsychology, and you're also probably very artistic. You have a knack for learning new things and then teaching them to others.

Muan: May 2 to May 21

You probably find yourself being called stubborn at times. You sometimes don't know when to quit and will do anything to just get the job done, regardless of the consequences. This could possibly stem from your feeling of invincibility.

Pax: May 22 to June 10

You know how to kick back and just enjoy life. People may gravitate toward you because you can easily make them smile or point out the things that make them happiest. You don't always think within the normal constraints, and you may even surprise yourself with what you come up with.

Cayab: June 11 to June 30

Do you like to perform? This is the sign of entertainment. You may find yourself in love with music and comfortable in front of a camera singing, playing an instrument or acting.

Mayan Calendar

Kumk'u: July 1 to July 20

You're a thinker and a diplomat. You may find yourself constantly on the path trailing after the truth. You want to know all the details. You also want to keep the peace among those around you.

Uayeb: July 21 to July 25

Be careful how you carry yourself because you may present yourself as condescending to others. This is the sign of nobility, so it's no surprise. In this very narrow period, you will find the sign of those whom fortune and success seem to love.

Pop: July 26 to August 14

You are probably analytical and have been told you're a great teacher. You have a special ability to take on complicated subjects and break them down for others.

Ou: August 15 to September 3

You keep to yourself, but you have a secret (or not so secret) desire to know. You want to know it all; you want to devour all the knowledge that you can within the span of your lifetime. You may hear yourself referred to as the "Silent Explorer" of the Mayan zodiac.

Zip: September 4 to September 23

You probably have a certain degree of charisma. You feel at home in leadership positions and those situations where you need to win people over.

Zotz: September 24 to October 13

The easiest way to sum you up in one word: generous. You may tend to put others before yourself quite frequently.

Zec: October 14 to November 2

This is the sign of people with intrinsic motivation. You probably have no problem taking a project from conception to finish. You're disciplined and mentally strong.

Xul: November 3 to November 22

You're intellectual and may lean toward humanitarian fields. You're patient, kind and intent upon helping others.

Yaxk'in: November 23 to December 12

You're likely to be creative and maybe even a little impulsive at times. You love to laugh and possess a magnetic charisma. You're a genuine people person.

Mol: December 13 to January 1

You love to think and analyze, and your favorite subject in school is or was probably science. You probably love to research, but you're also intuitive.

How the Mayan Zodiac Aligns With the Traditional Zodiac

When you ask, "What is my Mayan zodiac sign?" now, you'll probably see the overlap between your other zodiac signs. For example, if you're a caring Cancer, you probably want to keep everyone around you happy. That also happens to be what people born under the Kumku sign do. The Mayans seemed to have special insight into people born during different periods of the year.

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What Is My Mayan Zodiac Haab Sign?