What Is My Astrological Moon Sign?

Find out what your moon sign says about you.
Find out what your moon sign says about you.

In mainstream astrology the moon sign tends to be overshadowed by the ever-dominant sun sign. In fact, the moon sign is seldom mentioned at all. The moon is every bit as significant in a natal chart as the sun; however, it governs an entirely different area of consciousness.

About the Moon

The moon rules over your subconscious needs and desires; it is often said to govern an individual 's response to life's circumstances. It can have a profound effect on your emotional reactions as well as your creativity and personal comfort. Since many of these reactions and needs lie deep in your subconscious, examining the moon sign in your natal chart is vital for self-realization.

Locating Your Moon Sign

On a natal chart, your moon is indicated by a small crescent symbol that can be found under a zodiac sign in one of your twelve houses. Astrologers place your moon within the chart using an ephemeris--an astrological tool that logs the positions of planets and their movements throughout the zodiac. Your birth date and year are essential for noting precisely what sign the moon was located in at the time of your birth.

If you want to find your moon sign without visiting an astrologer, you can use the free birth chart offered through 0800-horoscope. Make sure you know the time and location of your birth for an accurate result.

The Moon and the Zodiac

Approximately every 28 days the moon moves from one zodiac sign to the next. The moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, a cardinal water sign. Cancer's naturally introspective and intuitive nature easily finds a home in this governing archetype. When an individual's moon lies in Cancer, a special harmony of energy occurs, and the individual may experience a subconscious peace in this area of his or her character.

Unfortunately, the moon does not stay in Cancer for an extended period of time. It will move through the zodiac into signs and elements that may challenge and conflict with its archetypal energy. The inherently dreamy, subconscious and secretive nature of the moon may be:

  • Driven to unrest by fire signs which are too active and ambitious for introspection.
  • Soothed and actualized by water signs who delight in the world of emotions.
  • Dulled or calmed by earth signs who are often too practical to feel life deeply
  • Overly aroused and intellectualized by air signs whose mentally dominated lifestyles can trample emotional responses.

These key elemental principles shape the effect of the moon within the zodiac archetypes.

Astrological Moon Signs
Moon in Triplicity Quadruplicity Effects upon the Individual
Aries Fire Cardinal Comfort is found in independence, confrontation and motion. Craves the new and innovative. Commitment is difficult in all personal matters.
Taurus Earth Fixed Finds comfort in stable aesthetically pleasing environments and enticing cuisine. Commitment and routine are essential. Excels at loyalty.
Gemini Air Mutable Routine is deadly. Comfort is found in novelty, conversation and intellectual growth. Partnerships are often unstable. Irritation provokes snappy responses.
Cancer Water Cardinal Comfort is found in domestic bliss, committed partnerships, and emotional exploration. Has a gift for empathy. Has firm roots in the past; is prone to nostalgia.
Leo Fire Fixed Finds comfort in the "spotlight". Enjoys generous displays of affection. Loves to entertain. Can be explosively dramatic and a real comedian.
Virgo Earth Mutable Security comes through perfection and hard work. Enjoys fixing the lives of others. Finds comfort in feeling useful.
Libra Air Cardinal Comfort is found in harmony; harmonious relationships and occupational circumstances. Craves beauty and refinement. Requires conversational banter and wit.
Scorpio Water Fixed Finds comfort in cultivating emotional intensity. Relationships fuel drive. Security is found in deep introspection and emotional awareness. Is highly intuitive.
Sagittarius Fire Mutable Despises routine. Becomes self-actualized through adventure and freedom. Comfort is found in discovery. Is prone to optimism. Reality can be a cage.
Capricorn Earth Cardinal Reliable and content. Is irritated by overly emotional displays. Finds comfort in convention, usefulness and self-control. Needs to be respected.
Aquarius Air Fixed Comfort is found in rational thought and objectivity. Requires much personal space and free will. Inwardly a loner. Loves conversation which fuels analysis.
Pisces Water Mutable Lives for "the dream". Thrives on intuition. Gifted in sympathy and awareness. Is almost overly accepting and non-judgmental. Comfort is found in faith.

When Your Moon Doesn't "Work"

Occasionally an individual will examine his natal chart and be dissatisfied with the interpretation of his moon sign. The phrase "This just doesn't sound like me" isn't uncommon in such a circumstance. This may be the result of poor astrological interpretation, but it may also have something to do with the planetary aspects that may be affecting the moon's placement.

When you examine your moon sign be sure to pay attention to all aspects that can bring in energies from other planets. Doing so may help to explain small nuances in your personality or even large character conflicts that cause confusion in your everyday life. For persons who feel inexperienced in these matters, it will be more than helpful to find an astrologer either online or in your area who can delve into these considerable details.

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What Is My Astrological Moon Sign?