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Understanding Weekly Romance Horoscopes

Find love this week!

Many people find that looking at their weekly romance horoscopes can help them make better love choices. In fact, even the vaguest of weekly horoscopes can help people gauge how they will emotionally respond to love in a given week. Luckily, there are numerous weekly love horoscopes that interested parties can consult for love information.

What You Can Find In Weekly Romance Horoscopes

The goal of a weekly reading is to provide an overview for the coming week. Some weekly readings will explicitly state the position of the stars in order to explain the conclusions that they reach.

For example,'s reading will not only mention the forecast for the week, it will also explain the planetary influences that will affect your love week. Popular planets that can affect your lovescope include:

  • The Moon
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Neptune

Each of these planets can influence different aspects of your weekly romance reading. For example, when Venus is in Gemini, certain sun signs can become particularly talkative. Depending on what your Personalities_of_Astrology_Signs is and other planetary influences, this can either have a positive or negative effect on your overall romantic forecast.

How Can You Use A Reading To Your Benefit

Many people enjoy reading their horoscope for numerous reasons. However, not everyone knows how to make the best use of that information to create positive results in everyday life.

You can use your weekly love horoscope in the following ways:

  • Change your plans slightly in response to what your horoscope says. Of course, if you have had a plan to travel for months and your horoscope says you should not, this doesn't mean cancel your trip. Instead, look for little ways you can change your week for the better.

For example, if your lovescope states the upcoming weekend isn't the right time to meet men and that you could benefit from some alone time, stay in and watch a movie. Or if your horoscope tells you that you are not getting out enough, put on your best dress and head out with your girls.

  • Be aware of what your horoscope tells you. Even if you don't put a lot of belief in horoscopes, there is still a benefit to reading them. For example, if your horoscope tells you that you will pick a fight with your partner early in the week, be aware of this and try to prevent it from happening if you feel like it might.
  • Never take horoscopes too seriously. If your weekly reading proclaimed the past week was perfect for romance but there was none in your life, don't worry. You didn't miss the boat at all. Look forward to next week and shrug off the prior week's reading.

Where To Find Weekly Love Horoscopes

Weekly horoscopes provide some of the best romance reading available online.

  • has one of the most popular weekly love horoscopes on the web. Created by Jeff Jawer (a respected name in astrology since the 1970s), the readings are featured on other websites.
  • While they only provide daily readings, is still a great source for larger forecast horoscopes. The site allows you to read your romance horoscope for yesterday, today and tomorrow. This three day look at your life can sometimes make all the difference.
  • Another great weekly romance source is LoveToKnow Horoscopes' own [Weekend_Love_Forecast|weekend love forecast]. In addition to an overall view of the stars affect on love for the weekend, the forecast also provides "love potential" ratings for each sign that sum up your chances for weekend romance.


Like all horoscopes, a weekly love forecast might not tell you the entire future. However, it may tell you enough that you can make smarter choices and put yourself in a more romantic frame of mind.

Understanding Weekly Romance Horoscopes