The Virgo Man's Erogenous Zone

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Do you know where to find the Virgo man's erogenous zone? Learning to find this sensual area and awaken a Virgo man's passion in bed can be the key to creating a sizzling romance. While the Virgo man isn't naturally sexually aggressive, he does enjoy physical intimacy in his romantic partnership.

Stimulating the Virgo Man's Erogenous Zone

Taking a romantic relationship with a Virgo man into the bedroom requires great care. If he feels like you're pushing him, it's a turn off. However, he won't make the first move himself unless he is rock solid sure that you'll respond positively to his overtures. So, you have to send subtle messages and leave it up to him to make the real advances.

Stroke His Ego First

For this man, his mind is an erogenous zone. He needs to feel desired before he will make a physical move, so you need to gently stroke his ego. Let him know you love his company. Make sure he understands you find him attractive. Give him genuine compliments about nearly any aspect of his being, but don't lay it on too thick. Just naturally let him know how much you appreciate being with him, and let nature take its course.

Move On to His Key Erogenous Zone

Once the two of you are in sync, it's time to begin working on that all-important erogenous zone. For the Virgo man, the stomach is an extremely sensitive area. Whether it's your first time together or you've been lucky enough to establish a long-term love relationship with this man, there are a few things you can do to stoke the fires of passion.

  • When you're snuggling close, gently rest your fingertips on his stomach. Leave them there for a few moments to create some anticipation. He may not react at first, but rest assured your gesture has not gone unnoticed.
  • Ever so gently, begin to stroke your fingertips across the area. This is certain to rev up his motor.
  • As things heat up and the moment is right, try placing some butterfly-light kisses on his tummy. It's sexy, yet still demure enough to let him think he's still running the show. Remember, this man prefers to lead, not follow.

Navigating Romance With the Virgo Man

Before tackling the issue of Virgo's erogenous zone, there are some things you should know or you may scare off this fellow before you ever make it to your first date.

Virgo Men Are Complicated

First, romance with the Virgo man isn't quite the same as navigating a love relationship with most other signs. Virgos are somewhat complicated as a rule, and this is even more apparent in the way they approach romantic relationships.

He Takes a Sideways Approach to Romance

When a Virgo male first becomes interested in you, you may not even realize it because this is not the guy who is going to bowl you over with flowers and compliments. Virgo men take a sideways approach to love. You'll find this fellow begins to show up around you more than usual. He's the one listening to your every word and actually engaging you in conversation. He'll suggest reasons for the two of you to get together without it being for an actual date. Virgo guys tend to "test drive" a bit before they decide whether or not to get involved.

You Can't Rush a Virgo Male

In a word, you can't rush a Virgo guy into romance. If you come on too strong, he'll feel like he's losing control of the situation and back off. You have to let him be the one to move things forward, but that's not to say you can't help things along if you're subtle.

Finesse Is the Key to Paradise

Romantic relationships aren't always easy. It takes a lot of finesse to gain access to the Virgo man erogenous zone, but it's well worth your effort. Give this man the respect and nurturing he deserves, and he'll reward you with incredible passion. Do your best to keep him happy and satisfied, and you'll have a partner for life.

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The Virgo Man's Erogenous Zone