Venus Conjunct Mars in Aries

Jacqueline Dautaj
Sultry Carmen Electra has the Venus conjunct Mars aspect.
Sultry Carmen Electra has the Venus conjunct Mars aspect.

If you have Venus in Aries and Mars in Aries, you'll know this conjunct is especially important. Learn how it can influence your life and decisions in both good and bad ways.

The Conjunct and Its Role

If you've ever taken a look at your birth chart, a few things are likely to jump out at you. Namely, terms like conjunct, sextile, squares, trines, and oppositions (there are more terms, but these are the basics and the most common). In a nutshell, all of these terms refer to the angles of the planets when you were born. Astrology is based on the assumption that as things are above, so they are below. When the planets form angles in your chart, in this case, a conjunction, it exerts a certain amount of "pull" over your personality.

The Specifics of the Aspect

A conjunction occurs when two planets are found in the same part of the zodiac. What this literally means is that these two planets are right next to each other. Here's what you need to know. When planets conjunct, they're said to be unified; they combine to act as one unit.

As an example, let's take Sun conjunct Mercury. This would mean that there is no separation between the individual's identity (the Sun) and the way they think (Mercury). As you can imagine, for better or for worse, this is a very powerful aspect. So too can the same be said for Venus conjunct Mars in Aries.

To provide an even clearer picture, here are some key words and phrases that are associated with a conjunction:

  • A conjunction creates a sense of urgency.
  • A stronger emphasis is felt in the area where the conjunction occurs.
  • There's a unity and fusion of the planets.
  • The indicated energy is subjective, is very strong-willed, and is one-tracked in its intention.
  • Strong impulses are associated with this aspect.

Suffice it to say that a conjunction, more than any other, is one of the most intense and personally felt aspects.

Venus Conjunct Mars in Aries Explained

Venus conjunct Mars in Aries usually leads to a blending of the natural feminine and masculine energies. Here's the lowdown on this great aspect:

  • You possess a great deal of personal magnetism.
  • Unless the Venus-Mars conjunction is afflicted, it will be easy to form relationships with others.
  • It is second nature for you to ooze with charm and sexuality, but because of this, you can also be quite impulsive when it comes to jumping into new relationships.
  • These natives require a lot of excitement, adventure and passion in their relationships. This helps them to feel truly "alive".

When it comes to a Venus-Mars conjunction, there's usually a pleasing blend of self-assertion and cooperation within these individuals towards relationships. They know how to assert themselves without stepping on anyone's toes.

However, some men with this aspect can sometimes come across as being too dominating in their relationships and may well have a reputation for being "macho". Keep in mind though, that this is not always the case. The other way this aspect can pan out is that it can simply make you more direct, and passionate. You certainly are not shy about going after what you want.

A Final Astrological Word

In short, individuals with this aspect tend to be amorous and passionate and they hate going without a romantic relationship for long. Once these Venus conjunct Mars in Aries natives find someone they like, they go after them in an ardent fashion. Hearing no, at least the first time it's said, won't usually dissuade them. Additionally, their creative impulses are usually strong, so finding work that offers some sort of creative outlet would be most helpful.

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Venus Conjunct Mars in Aries