Typical Aquarius Behavior

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Aquarians have been called the aliens of the zodiac and many do have Dr. Spock like behaviors. A more traditional person might find an Aquarian's behaviors weird or at the very least eccentric. Why? Because Aquarians are non-conformists who don't care what others think of them.

Defining an Aquarian's Behavior

In attempting to define Aquarius behaviors, it should be remembered that Aquarius is the Fixed Universal Air sign of the zodiac. It's ruled but both Saturn, the planet of tradition, and Uranus, the planet of rebellion. This results in some very different types of Aquarians but all have radically independent minds.

Aquarians Are Rebels

Although all Aquarians are somehow rebels, some only look the part, some are rebels without a cause, some are futuristic thinkers who rebel for change (Uranus ruled), while others are champions of the status quo and rebel against change (Saturn ruled).

Aquarians Have Scientific Minds

Aquarians are objective, have computer-like minds, and are radical and innovative thinkers. They are interested in how everything works, from people to computers to ideologies. Aquarians spend a lot of time in their heads thinking about the future. To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw: Aquarians see things as they are and ask why? Then dream of what could be and ask why not?

Aquarians Value Clarity

Aquarians value clarity and would rather not be pulled into the swamp of human emotions. They are uncomfortable with emotional displays and rise above their emotions. They don't let emotions hold sway over rational and logical decisions.

Aquarians Are Friendly Loners

Aquarians have a tendency to be loners. They have a singular personality and lots of friends, but few intimate friendships. Aquarians enjoy connecting and associating with groups of people, but it's not about fitting in or being accepted. It's about seeing what bands people together, what creates social unity and understanding how they can go about fostering more of it.

Aquarians Are Egalitarians

Aquarians have the ability to make every person feel like they belong and matter, regardless of "who they know" or "who they are". They have a "we are all a part of the human family" take on life and this has a great deal to do with why Aquarians have such a diverse group of friends.

Aquarians Set Themselves Apart

Aquarians tend to dress in a way that sets them apart from others. They can be retro, fashion-forward, or have a totally eccentric style. An Aquarian can be the older woman who has tattoos and wears purple or the young person that colors their hair purple and wear a nose ring. Even dressed in traditional business attire they'll set themselves apart by wearing a bright shirt or blouse or quirky one-of-a-kind accessories, such as a flashy and unique scarf or tie.

Negative Aquarian Behaviors

Aquarian can also behave in some negative behaviors. Those below relate to their inability to deal with emotions.

Often Unpredictable

It can be difficult to predict what an Aquarian will do next. While their ability to rise above their emotions allows them to be cool and objective, their repressed emotions can burst out in the most negative form. An angry Aquarian can have an unsympathetic and vile temper.

Like Me, Love Me or Don't

An Aquarian's "live and let live," emotionally aloof, and hands-off approach to others often prevents them from letting anyone get too close and intimate. This is particularly detrimental when it comes to an Aquarian's love life.

When an Aquarian Doesn't Behave Like an Aquarian

Every Sun sign has typical behaviors that help define them, but many people fall outside of the typical profile. Perhaps you're an Aquarian who is emotional or seems to have no innovative ideas. In whatever way you differ from the norm, remember you are more than your Aquarian Sun sign and no generic description fits every Aquarian perfectly.

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Typical Aquarius Behavior