Taurus Woman With a Capricorn Man

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Taurus woman paired with a Capricorn man just might be the perfect union between two very practical earth signs. And maybe you already know you're perfect for each other... Does your Taurus lady know it yet? How can you help her realize? Well, check out LoveToKnow's eBook all about making Taurus fall in love with you. Read on to learn why this match can work so well.

Two Earth Signs, One Mind

Taurus has found her match in the Capricorn male who is very down to earth in his approach to life. She'll never have to worry about her man spending money on frivolous things or ignoring a well-planned budget. This is one couple that understands that you need a plan in order to make life work and you then have to work that plan.

Material World and Material Needs

Both of these signs want certain things in life. Not just any home will do for the kind of lifestyle these two desire. Many people may view this couple as being too determined to have what they want, but chances are, they will end up with exactly the kind of home and lifestyle they've mapped out together. They appreciate the qualities they see reflected in each other.

Learn About a Taurus Woman With a Capricorn Man

Taurus will be pleased that her man is so protective of her, and Capricorn's heart will melt from Taurus's loyalty. Both are very goal-oriented and both approach business with a cool calculating mindset. Neither will waste time in any endeavor that doesn't give an appropriate return for their time and money invested.

It's All About Style and Taste

Capricorn will quickly learn to appreciate Taurus's keen sense of style and the way she handles herself in all of life's situations. Her self-confidence and control over her emotions quickly assures him that she is the perfect life-mate for him. He can easily envision her as the mother of his children and building a home together. This couple understands each other on a very deep emotional and intellectual level.

Creativity and Art Appreciation

Capricorn is captivated by Taurus's flare for art and her ability to turn even the roughest décor into a comfortable and pleasing home. He senses she has a few secrets and is instantly intrigued and possibly jealous, since Capricorn often finds that green monster on his shoulder. He'll spend a great deal of time trying to figure out Miss Taurus, but a part of him will secretly hope he never does. The mystique that surrounds Taurus keeps Capricorn interested.

Getting the Goat to Open Up

Taurus will understand that her man isn't a touchy feely kind of guy and that suits her just fine since she's not that kind of girl. She has a genuine adoration for Capricorn's impeccable taste in clothes and other material possessions. She's further infatuated with his domestic streak that reassures her that, once married, he'll make an excellent husband and father.

Those Darn Emotions

Neither sign is very comfortable with emotions, especially expressing them. The bull will express emotions quicker than the goat, but in an intimate relationship she can soften the hard exterior he uses to keep people at a distance. Taurus understands Capricorn's outward appearance of being a cold person. After all, it's more difficult to be hurt if he's a bit standoffish.

Taurus is a devoted lover and expects Capricorn to be appreciative of the many things she so willingly does for him. It might be difficult for Taurus because Capricorn isn't exactly a chatterbox and certainly doesn't express how he feels very often. Still, if Taurus is a highly developed soul, she'll catch Capricorn's subtle messages that he's paying attention. After all, these two are all about the details.

Turning Up the Heat

This earthy couple will be all about the sex and bedtime will be great. Capricorn takes a while to warm up to his emotions, so Taurus needs to be patient in her growing need for a deeper emotional exchange. Taurus can peel away all of those layers of protection that Capricorn has wrapped around his heart. It will take time, but it'll be worth the effort because once she is able to unwrap Cap's heart, she'll own it forever. Capricorn's emotional unveiling will be a great adventure for Taurus and keep her mystified and intrigued. The coveted prize will be a very passionate relationship that she'll find fulfilling.

Taking Time Out for Each Other

Probably the biggest morsel of zodiac advice for these two is to make time for each other. Both of these fast-track, career-minded people are always focused on the next rung they need to climb. They need to take a breather and enjoy life with each other. There is something called balance that both signs need to learn and actually practice. They can have it all. There's nothing these two can't achieve and having a solid relationship is worth taking the time to build. It's always easier in life when that special someone is by your side to support and love you. The Taurus Woman with a Capricorn man combo can end up being that once-in-a-lifetime love match.


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Taurus Woman With a Capricorn Man