Taurus Profile and Characteristics

A Taurus Profile: Earthy Beauty


A well-rounded Taurus profile is sure to hit all of the major characteristics and personality traits that make up this sign.

Taurus is the first of the earth signs, so it's perfectly fine to think of this sign as the most "earthy" of the three. What that means is that people of this earth sign are the most in touch with their senses. As such, they enjoy eating, listening to music, smelling sweet scents and reveling in luxurious fabrics.

Venus is Taurus's planetary ruler, and it often bestows an earthy, sensual beauty to the sign.

Handsome Taurus


Taurean men aren't left out of the beauty bounty. If a sign that is typically associated with finer features isn't present in a Taurean man's chart, he will be quite handsome in a rugged way.

Often, these men have strong bones and a strong build.

Loves Music, Loves to Dance


Taurus, a sign that rules the vocal cords, has quite a fondness for music. It's not unusual to see Taurus listening, writing or even reading music.

This sign also likes to dance, although many of the natives are too shy to actually get out there on the dance floor.

Deep Appreciation of Art


Taureans, like their fellow Venusian Libra, also have a deep appreciation for art, and they will frequent museums when the mood strikes.

It's also not uncommon for Taureans to have printed replicas of famous pieces of art lining the walls of their homes.

Stubborn Bull


Taurus can be quite stubborn; it can take months or even years for him to change his mind once it's been made up.

Change does not come easy to people of this sign. In fact, it's something they loathe.

Pleasure in Material Things


Taurus is a very tactile sign, so it's not uncommon for these natives to invest heavily in a variety of accessories and other status symbols like an expensive pair of sunglasses.

Taurus in Love


Taurus's true beauty really shines when in love.

This is a very affectionate sign, so be sure to provide plenty of hugs and kisses.

Taurus likes to touch and feel, so the more physical contact between the two of you, the better.

Getting the Job Done


For all their differing characteristics, one thing is for sure; Taureans knows how to get the job done.

While these natives are not fast workers, you can be sure that any task they undertake will be done thoroughly and well.

How does this sign act when in love? Find out with the Romantic Profile on Taurus.

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Taurus Profile and Characteristics