Taurus Professions

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Taurus professions run the gamut from CEO to perfume designer. With a a keen business sense and an eye for artistry, Taurus has the capacity to succeed in many careers.

Taurus Gifts: Serious and Pragmatic

Taurus has a reputation for being a serious astrological sign (along with Virgo and Capricorn), but serious doesn't mean boring. In fact, Taurus enjoys building careers that are sturdy, solid and permanent. Taurus professions are ones that are built to last.

One of Taurus's finest gifts is the ability to take an inspirational idea and transform it into a viable concrete plan. First born Aries comes up with the idea, but its second born Taurus that makes that plan a reality.

Speaking of making plans a reality; Taurus, think of yourself as a dream maker. Your inherent pragmatism allows you to clearly see the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to make an idea or dream a reality. This is no small feat! Let others come up with the ideas Taurus. You know that you're the one who can manifest them.

The Role of Venus

Many other signs may see pragmatism as boring, but that just means that they don't know you Taurus! Under the tutelage of Venus, your planetary ruler, Taurus professions tend to marry form and function, and then in turn, integrate those concepts with beauty and durability. The amazing part is that Taurus can accomplish this even within the confines of a realistic budget and a looming deadline. Amazing and brilliant, but certainly not boring!

Best Taurus Professions

The following professions will allow your pragmatism and love of beauty to shine through in a successful manner. You'll feel most fulfilled in these fields.


We start with finances because Taurus's motto is "I have". Some financial professions that serve you well include:

  • Real estate broker
  • Insurance or stockbroker
  • Financial analyst
  • Accountant
  • Banker
  • Venture capitalist

All of these financial positions allow Taurus to count and be accountable for money saved and money spent; something Taurus excels at. Moreover, these professions support the central theme of "building" housed within the Taurus personality. With finances, Taureans can easily see the fruition of their labor.


Taurus, an earth sign, relates very well to nature, construction and building forms that can stand the test of time. Some professions that fall into this category include:

Building, here in a practical sense, gives Taureans a lot of pleasure. They love using their hands and producing three dimensional objects.


Are you starting to realize just how many talents you possess Taurus? Venus lends inspiration for these Taurus professions as well:

  • Perfume designer
  • Wardrobe stylist
  • Clothing Designer
  • Wine broker
  • Model/Model agency owner
  • Art director
  • Graphic artist
  • Textile designer

Other beauty-oriented careers can also include plastic surgeon, boutique owner, voice-over professional (Taurus rules the throat, and as such, tends to have a beautiful voice) or singer.

When it comes to art, you could also consider art restoration, since that is a hands-on profession that allows you to incorporate your desire to work with your hands while beautifying an object.

To Sum Up

From the impressive list above, it's easy to see that Taureans have many different professions available to them. Whether they choose to work in the financial, landscaping or beautifying fields, they should keep in mind that they'll need to have a steady income. Nothing frightens or makes Taurus more frustrated than having empty coffers. Stability and seeing the fruits of one's labor, especially in the monetary sense, is extremely important to Taurus. As long as there is a steady income and a high degree of creativity imbued within the work, Taurus will be happy.

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Taurus Professions