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Taurean Love Behavior and Compatibility

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Taurean love is generous and sensual, so in the beginning, be prepared to be wooed in style.

The Bull and New Love

When you first go out with Taurus, you're probably pinching yourself to make sure you aren't dreaming. He adores you. He thinks you're smart and intelligent. He's totally into you and intrigued by everything you say and do. These are the first waves of new love as a couple gets to know each other. The key to a long-lasting relationship is to keep some portion of that new love alive in your relationship years later.

Taurean love is ruled by Venus, and few mortals can endure the test of love from the goddess of love, much less hold on to such a love. To hold on to this virile, sensual being, you must be able to keep the mystery and intrigue alive well beyond the first throes of new love.

The Good Life

Taurean love requires wine, romance, song, dance and other vital sensual pleasures. Music and art are a main course every day. If you don't know how to enjoy this brand of cuisine, you aren't going to survive the first week. Taurus needs to be able to dine out whenever he wants, and he has a gourmet palate. If you enjoy high-style dinners, dressing up and going to the hottest clubs in town, you've met your ideal mate in Taurus. Your lover takes you to the latest shows and if you love music and art, you'll be singing his praises to all of your friends. He's just too good to be true.

The Other Shoe Drops

Everyone is always waiting for that proverbial shoe to drop when they meet the perfect mate. No one is perfect, and it's only natural in the beginning of relationships to place your newfound love on a pedestal and ignore all the uneven rough edges hidden by expensive tailor-made suits and fine lifestyle. However, that shoe eventually does drop. The noise you hear is that of the bull bellowing when he becomes jealous. The situation can get ugly; if you've ever seen a bull when a red flag is waved in front of him, run! That's the only good advice at times like this. Just make yourself scarce while he rants. Don't give in to his tantrum; it'll only make steam come out of his ears like a cartoon.

He needs to snort and paw at the ground a bit. You may be able to talk with him once he gets over his fit, but chances are, he'll already have made up his mind that you were unfaithful to him and it's over. Sadly, Taurean love can end just like that. The good news is that not all Taureans react so badly. A more evolved Taurean has spent time understanding himself and his natural tendencies and has mastered various coping mechanisms.

How Taurus Matches Up With Other Signs

If Taurus finds a mate that can keep up with him, he'll settle down and become monogamous. You'll need to have an air of mystery surrounding you like a cloak made out of exotic fabrics. The last thing Taurus wants is to unveil all of your secrets. He wants the excitement of being intrigued and enchanted to last a lifetime. There aren't too many women in the zodiac that can maintain that level of romance, but there are a few.

Earth and Air

  • For Taurus, Gemini is a puzzle to solve. The closer he gets though, the quicker Gemini flutters away and the Twins end up frustrating him.
  • The Bull captivates Aquarius by his achievements and mental sharpness, but his focus on the material world becomes too confining for the Water bearer.
  • Taurus finds Libra to be a better match. The two share a genuine love for beauty, art and a luxurious lifestyle. Libra's highly-developed sensual nature is greatly appreciated by Taurus, but Libra's need to keep life balanced throws the bull's excessive nature off-center.

Earth and Fire

Taurus loves to play with fire until he gets scorched.

  • For Taurean love, it's impossible to keep any kind of balance going with fire sign Leo. Her ego is just as big as his. If this couple has a genuine appreciation of each other's ego, this relationship has a chance.
  • Taurus needs to be in control and discovers Aries needs to be first and is too aggressive.
  • Taurus finds Sagittarius adventurous and a great mental match, but may find her honesty inflaming.

Earth and Water

Earth creates the boundaries that water needs in order to take form and find purpose.

  • Pisces is the dreamy mystic that Taurus men rush to rescue. Pisces doesn't need rescuing; that's part of her mystique and attraction. An evolved Pisces learns to control her deep intense feelings. Too much emotional display sends the bull trotting over the hill away from the flood and in search of greener pastures.
  • Cancer sun signs may be a good match for Taurus if he's mindful of Cancer's foremost need of a nice home and a stable home life. Taurus men find Cancer women make great wives, lovers, helpmates and mothers to their children.
  • When Taurus meets a Scorpio woman, he quickly falls under her spell and may disappear with his newfound love until the harsh reality of business interrupts. Scorpio won't mind since she makes an excellent business partner for the Bull.

Earth and Earth

Taurus sometimes find individuals of their own sun sign to be too much like themselves. Better matches are Virgo and Capricorn. Both earth signs are practical and like creating a home haven.

  • Virgo's bent toward perfection might cause issues in the relationship since Taurus doesn't like to be second-guessed or criticized.
  • Capricorn, on the other hand, won't ever second-guess her mate, but she will definitely keep a tight rein on the purse strings and the course of their life together.

Taurus Needs the Right Partner for Lasting Love

Taurean love is complex. Bulls need the right life mates to keep them interested and charging forward to meet the next challenge.

Taurean Love Behavior and Compatibility