How to Use Tarot Spreads

Consult the tarot today!
Consult the tarot today!

If you're just beginning your exploration of the tarot, you may not yet be familiar with the concept of tarot spreads. Simply put, spreads are different ways of laying the cards out on the table in preparation for a reading. Use tarot spreads to help you figure out the answers to life's dilemmas.

About Tarot Spreads

There are numerous tarot spreads, and each has a specific configuration or layout. Some are quite simple and require as few as three cards, while other spreads are far more involved. No matter which spread you're going to use, there are a few steps that are commonly followed every time you conduct a reading.

  • Step one: The person the reading is for, either yourself or later on someone else, will shuffle the tarot deck in order to "charge" it with his/her personal energy. This ensures that the reading will pertain to that person's own life.
  • Step two: The person seeking the reading will concentrate on a single question he/she needs answered.
  • Step three: The person conducting the reading will lay the cards out according to the traditional configuration, and the reading is ready to begin.

What Can You Do with Spreads?

Although some people believe you can tell the future through tarot spreads, this notion is just a bit far fetched. What the cards can do for you is help you take a closer look at your life; your past, your present and where you're possibly going in the future. Nothing is ever written in stone, and the choices you make based on what your intuition tells you about the cards that turn up in your spread are what really determine how many of the events in your life will unfold. You can choose to ignore the information you glean in a spread and let life simply happen to you, or you can take more control by making informed choices inspired by deeper contemplation of your cards.

When to Use a Particular Spread

Different tarot spreads are used for specific types of questions. For example, the Three Card Spread is the easiest to use when all you need is a simple yes or no answer. The first card has something to say about how past issues have led you to your current dilemma. The second card represents the path you're on right now, and the third card offers insight about the possible future outcome. When you contemplate the deeper meanings of the cards within the context of your question, your answer will become clear.

Other spreads to use for specific types of questions include:

  • The Lovers Spread: This spread deals with romantic issues. Should you become involved with that person you find so special? Is that person at all interested in you? Could you possibly have a happy future together? Consult the Lovers Spread and find out more about it.
  • The Seven Card Spread: This is similar to the Three Card Spread in that the layout looks at past and present issues as well as possible future outcomes. However, the Seven Card Spread allows you to look at the issues in greater depth due to the extra cards involved.
  • The Daily Lessons Spread: Wondering what lessons life might have in store for you today? You can make the most of them when you have an idea of what to expect. This spread deals specifically with issues of destiny and free will.
  • The Wish Spread: Ready to begin making your dreams come true? Consult the Wish Spread. It helps you define what it is that you want, as well as the conditions surrounding your wish and the obstacles you must overcome to achieve it.
  • The Horoscope Spread: Need some insight on the bigger picture of your life? This spread can be used to take a closer look at what's coming up in your life over the next twelve months.

As you can see there are tarot spreads to address just about every life issue, and what we've mentioned is only a small portion of the layouts available. Tarot enthusiasts are always working to develop even more spreads, so who knows how we might be using the tarot in times to come?

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