Sun Signs for Lovers

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Knowing the different sun signs for lovers means understanding the love natures of each of the zodiac signs.

Romantic Traits of the Sun Signs

Here are the different sun signs for lovers.


Aries wants action. This sign likes things, particularly in the romance department, to have a lot of sexual energy. Bantering back and forth and flirting all strikes the right note for Aries. Sexual innuendoes and double entendres will especially make Aries hot under the collar, but always remember than this sign likes to chase. So, don't give in to her demands too easily.


Taurus is a sensual sign that wants all of his senses activated and involved during lovemaking. Texture, smell and taste all work in tandem to make Taurus want to see more and know more, so use this to your advantage. This sign is fond of food and drink, so apply both liberally. Additionally, recognize that Taurus doesn't need flowery words in order to feel romantic. In fact, he would often prefer the only sound to be music playing gently in the background.


Gemini likes to learn things and wants to be pleasantly surprised, even shocked. This is an extremely verbal sign, and even if the third house is afflicted, will still love naughty words in all their forms; both written and verbal. This sign can often go to extremes as well, acting incredibly ardent one minute and completely distant the next. Don't worry, that's just her nature. The main thing to keep in mind is that she is a sucker for a sharp mind every time.


Cancers are emotional and sensitive. In order to feel their sexiest, they need a partner that will lavish them with attention and assuage their fears. Be sure to spoil this sign with plenty of gifts and trinkets since Cancer can be quite sexually creative and expressive if he feels he's the center of attention.


Speaking of attention, be sure that you let Leo know that she is the center of your world. This is a sign that needs plenty of ego gratification, so don't forget to mention how magnificent she smells, how great her body looks, etc. That said, Leo is not the most adventurous of signs in bed, but once she's exposed to something she likes, she'll happily participate. Just note that she will not do anything that she finds degrading because she'll feel its beneath her.


The key to getting Virgo hot and bothered lies through his mind. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and he likes things that are mentally stimulating. It's true that Virgo may not be the type to make love on a whim because he believes that everything has its place, including sex. However, you'll experience a slow and enjoyable burn once his fuse is lit.


Libra loves partnering up, but this sign can be a bit insecure, especially about his looks. While it's true that your Libra is probably of above average beauty, it will still pay dividends in the bedroom if you just play along and reassure him about his looks. The sign also loves things that are aesthetically pleasing and, curiously enough, the object of your affection may also have a thing for mirrors.


Scorpio wants to transform and be transformed, so approach this sign with ardent passion in the bedroom. Scorpio is game for just about anything that feels all consuming, but power and control can be an issue for this sign. Scorpio likes to dominate, and even though he would secretly love to be dominated himself, he has a very difficult time relinquishing the reins of power.


Sagittarius is typically uninhibited, up for adventure and has a fetish for anything that is exotic and foreign. In fact, this sign is quite adventurous in general, and that doesn't end just because the bedroom door's closed. Sags want to see unbridled enthusiasm, and things that are new will spark the Archer's interest. Nothing makes this sign feel better than sharing a good laugh, even when in the most intimate of positions.


Capricorn is a curious sign, and you can almost see the lusty passion that simmers just below the goat's surface. While Capricorns can lack a bit of confidence in youth, that usually dissipates as they grow older. They are also more open to sexual experimentation. Once the fuse of passion has been lit, you can expect it to burn bright and hot.


Aquarius likes things that are unusual and unconventional, and that includes sex. Even so, the sign may be a bit detached from his body. So once again, mental foreplay will be key in sparking this sign's interest. Just keep in mind that Aquarius like his romantic partners and sexual encounters to be just outside the norm.


For Pisces, sex is like a fantasy; it's a beautiful, idealized world that she never wants to leave. Sex and spirituality can be intricately bound up together for Pisces, and she can sometimes suffer from a bit of a martyr complex. Yet if you show her genuine sympathy for her plight, there's a good chance she'll look at you with new and adoring eyes.

Let Your Sun Sign Help You Find Love

Each sun sign approaches and responds to romantic love in a distinctive way. Tap into this inherited blueprint, and there is a good chance that the object of your affection will soon be putty in your hands.

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