Studying Numerology for Beginners

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The number of people who wish to study numerology is on the rise ss interest in the astral and occult sciences grows.

What Is Numerology?

Many people may think that numerology is just the study of numbers. However, numerology is more accurately described as the study of the relationships between numbers and living beings. Numerology does not focus on how mathematics work, but rather on how the numbers themselves relate to others.

When you begin to study numerology, the first thing you'll discover is that there are 11 main numbers. Each of the numbers, from 0 to 11, represents a different stage or life cycle. For example, the number 10 symbolizes rebirth and new hope.

One of the most popular types of numerology, name numerology, assigns a number value to each letter of the alphabet. Using this system, you can add up the numbers in your name and reduce them to find your life path number. This number can often provide insight into a person's nature and destiny.

Common uses for numerology include finding out more about yourself, the future or your environment.

How to Study Numerology

The first thing that is important when you begin to study numerology is the value of each individual number. While there is no permanent definition for any numerical value, there are certain parameters that each number encompasses :

0: Completeness
1: Ego; individual; a focus on your own life
2: Balance; fulfillment by interpersonal relationships
3: Sameness; the interaction and flow between elements
4: Newness; the creation of new ideas, objects and more
5: Action; a focus on moving forward and completing goals
6: Movement; the motion of taking life by the horns
7: Mentality; a focus on the inner thoughts
8: Strength; moving through life with the end of the tunnel in mind
9: Change; the end of a cycle of change
10: Rebirth and new hope

Once you have an understanding of these numbers, you can move on to learn about other parts of numerology. It is often recommended that, in addition to learning what each of these numbers mean, students of numerology should truly focus and meditate on the values of each number.

Learning All You Can About Numerology

A few of the best ways to study numerology include:

  • Perform free readings of your own on your friends and family. Doing so will give you plenty of practice.
  • Consider a fellowship with a reader who specializes in numerology.
  • Read as much about numerology as you can.
  • Discover the various categories of numerology. For example, some people prefer to focus on the numerology within names and words, while others focus on dates and numbers. There are also Chaldean, Pythagorean and Abracadabra sects of numerology.

Reading About Numerology

While there are many sources on the topic of numerology that does not mean that all sources are created equal; some are much easier to read than others that focus too much on being cryptic.

  • Jack Keller's The Complete Book of Numerology is 224-pages of simple numerology reading. The book lends itself as a source that is easy to understand and absorb information from.
  • Birthday Numerology is a great book for people who would like more information on the numerological significance behind their birth date.
  • The Elements of Numerology is another easy-to-read source on the topic that provides a different perspective on life path numbers.
  • For prospective students who don't know which type of book on numerology is right for them, Astrostar provides a list of several dozen books on the topic complete with links.

Last Word

No matter what your interest in numerology, try to learn everything you can, practice what you've learned, and you are sure to succeed.

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Studying Numerology for Beginners