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Star Sign Friendship Match

Find your best match!
Find your best match!

While many people wonder which star signs are compatible with one another, others are curious about which star signs match together on different levels. Certain star signs go together well as far as romantic relationships are concerned while others are more friendship oriented. The different aspects can help you figure out if it's a love match or a friendship match.

What Makes Two Star Signs Match As Friends?

In birth charts, the eleventh House rules friendship (as well as hopes, wishes and dreams). The planets and other astral aspects that occur in this house show how a person acts in friendship.

Have you ever met someone who feels like a natural born friend? It is likely that this person has a strong eleventh house (many planets are housed there). This house is generally ruled by the planet Uranus. While the eleventh house can show a lot of what makes a person friendly or not, star signs can also say a great deal.

Star Signs and Friendship

You might wonder how a star sign can show anything about how a person can be a match with another person in terms of friendship. A star sign's characteristics show how a person interacts with the external world, what affects that person and which type of personality that person may have. Comparing these facters can show how good a friend two people can be to each other.

Which Star Signs Get Along Well Together?

A good match for friendship can also show who may eventually become a good romantic match. While you can also use a friendship compatibility meter to find a friendly match, it's often easier to just reference which star signs get along together.

Aries: As a friend, Aries is outgoing and spontaneous. If you are looking for a partner in crime or someone interested in going out, Aries might be the friend for you. In relationships, Aries is just as outgoing and adventurous. Aries makes good friends with Gemini.

Taurus: Taurus is loyal with a capital L. The sign is steady, focused and will always be there whether you need a shoulder to cry on or your car fixed. These people are problem solvers. This sign matches well with Pisces since both signs admire the loyalty they bring to the friendship.

Gemini: If you want to increase your circle of friends, add a Gemini into the mix. One of the most social signs, Gemini's two sides always keep things interesting. One part of Gemini would like to go out and party while the other side wants to stay in with a cup of tea. Gems are also prone to interacting with intellectuals. Leo's bold side helps balance the indecisiveness that Gemini's two halves create.

Cancer: Cancers are supportive and devoted to their friends. As a result, this sign matches well with Taurus because both focus on the friendship and not on the things going on around it.

Leo: Leo is happy, bold and a crowd pleaser. Not much for one on one time, Leo enjoys being the center of attention. However, anyone interested in a relationship with a Leo (friendship or romantic) need to be able to balance out Leo's possible brashness. Libra can be a great friendhsip match for this sign because both like to spend time with large groups.

Virgo: Virgo is reliable. Always willing to work with a friend, Virgo sees nothing wrong with helping a match live a better life. Virgo is also intelligent and enjoys conversation more than anything active. As a result, this sign gets along well with Scorpio.

Libra: Libra is social and usually enjoys the company of others. Libra tends to have a strong network and is willing to help other friends embrace it. Sagittarius is a great match for Libra for this reason.

Scorpio: Scorpio can often seem reclusive. However, people of this sign aren't as hidden as they may seem. Once someone has proven their worth to Scorpio, it does not take much to retain the relationship because Scorpios are very loyal. Capricorn makes a good friendship match with Scorpio because Cap understands Scorpio's interest in pulling away from others.

Sagittarius: As a fan of intellect and culture, Sagittarius keeps friends in that line of thought. These people are also fun and willing to forge strong relationships over anything they are passionate about. Libra's cultured view on life can often lead to a great match.

Capricorn: Capricorns believe first and foremost in results. They like to see things through to completion. Fittingly, Capricorns plan for structured relationships. They almost will take on a parental role. Pisces makes a good match because they do not feel annoyed by this instinct.

Aquarius: As the focus sign of the eleventh house of friendship, Aquarians are the ultimate friends. They are generous to a fault, happy and willing to go with the flow. Sagittarius makes a good friend for this sign since they are more than capable of balancing Aquarius's sometimes overly indulgent love of friendship.

Pisces: As a water sign, Pisces has numerous emotions to share and will always reach out to his or her friends. While these people can be easily hurt, they are always willing to move on for the sake of the friendship. Taurus makes a good match for this sign since the two feel nothing but love for one another.

Final Thought

While there is more to friendship than two people's star signs, comparing characteristics is one way to better understand each other. Get to know your friends for who they are. and you are sure to have a great relationship.

Star Sign Friendship Match