Star Sign Symbol Pictures

What's Your Symbol?

"Star sign" is just another term for zodiac sign, and there are numerous star sign symbols used to represent the various zodiac signs found throughout Western and Chinese astrology.

Check out the following symbols to see which ones represent you.

Traditional Western Symbols

From left to right:

  • Row 1 - Centaur/Archer, Scorpion, Bull and Virgin
  • Row 2 - Lion, Scales, Twins and Fish
  • Row 3 - Ram, Crab, Goat/Fish and Water Bearer

Star Sign Glyphs

Simple glyphs are also used to represent the western star signs in zodiac charts.

Constellation Symbols

Sometimes minature symbols of the zodiac constellations themselves are used to represent each western astrological sign.

Chinese Zodiac Animals

Chinese astrology uses its own set of animal symbols to represent each astrological year in the 12-year cycle.

The following chart shows the 12 animals plus a sample of birth years to go with them. Find out which symbol represents you.

Chinese Kanji Symbols

Kanji symbols are also used to represent Chinese stars much like glyphs are used for Western signs. Here are the first six symbols.

  • Row 1 - Rat, Ox and Tiger
  • Row 2 - Rabbit, Dragon and Snake

More Chinese Star Sign Symbols

Here are the six remaining Chinese star sign symbols.

  • Row 1 - Horse, Sheep and Monkey
  • Row 2 - Rooster, Dog and Pig

If you enjoyed this slideshow, visit the Chinese Horoscopes Gallery to learn more about the individual Chinese zodiac signs.

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Star Sign Symbol Pictures