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Understanding Free Spiritual Astrology Reports and Where to Find Them

Discover your spiritual side.
Discover your spiritual side.

Spiritual astrology free reports can be the equivalent of peeking into the window of your life. You can gain a new view and perspective on all the facets of your daily existence. Need insight on your love life, your career or something else? Find out what's coming next, but do it for free.

Putting Spiritual Astrology to Use

Spiritual astrology is a bit different from conventional astrology. Rather than tell you, "You're an Aries, so you're confident and outspoken", spiritual astrology focuses on your journey through life. Will you meet your soul mate, how will you affect others and how will they affect you? These are the kinds of questions this branch of astrology can provide guidance on. It deals with the forces that carry you along on your ultimate path.

You'll gain insight into issues like:

  • Karma
  • Consciousness
  • Self-fulfillment
  • Finding your soul mate

To get a little more background on spiritual astrology and what it means, try this source: Spiritual Astrology: Your Path to Self-Fulfillment by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy. It received 4.5 of 5.0 stars from ratings.

What Spiritual Astrology Free Reports Tell You

A free spiritual astrology report will include the position of the sun, moon and each planet at the time of your birth. As with a typical horoscope sign chart, this will give you a deeper insight into your personality. However, a spiritual report looks at all the aspects in your chart to get an overall picture of your destiny and help you see the areas of your greatest potential.

By studying a spiritual astrology report, you'll learn how to hone in on those characteristics that make you unique, as well as how to set yourself up for success in life y playing up those characteristics. The path the world sets you on isn't always the right one; you have to learn how to manipulate situations and use your special personality traits to nurture yourself and those around you. It's good to know what you're working with, and the spiritual report will give you the guidelines you need.

Don't give in to the dissonance between what the world throws at you and who you really are. Use your chart to clearly define your characteristics, then use them to your best advantage. Rejoice in them! Use the chart as a source of strength when you are tempted to act in a way that's untrue to yourself.

All in all, the reports bring to your attention the characteristics you possess. From there, you can determine how to live a fulfilled life by embracing yourself.

Where to Get Free Reports

Esoteric Science

Esoteric Science will give you a thorough reading. It uses your birth date, time and location to determine the type of person you are (in a more detailed way than the sometimes superficial reliance on sun signs alone), past occurrences in your life, and how you operate on a day-to-day basis.


AstroWin is another site you can check out for spiritual astrology free reports. This site requires you to know or look up a little bit more than the others. You'll be asked to include your time zone as well as the latitude and longitude for the place where you were born for the greatest accuracy. In addition, this report takes into account whether or not Daylight Savings Time was in effect at the time of your birth.

You Get What You Pay For

Not that the free reports aren't legit, accurate or unworthy of your attention, but they'll certainly whet your appetite for more information. So, what's the next step?

If you like, you can pay to have your personal chart professionally prepared. In many cases, you'll be linked directly to those charts from the results of your free report, and this is exactly what your free report is designed to do: tempt you into ordering a paid report. This is perfectly fine as long as you're sure of the security provided by the site, and you're sure you really want a further report.

Understanding Free Spiritual Astrology Reports and Where to Find Them