Gemini Symbols in Art and Nature

Gemini Symbol Art Gallery

Astrology is a language of symbols which offers a profound model of human experience.

The classic astrological symbols of Gemini are the twins and the glyph pictured on the left. However, other symbols can reveal even more aspects of the Gemini personality.

As you contemplate the symbols contained in this graphic artwork slideshow, go beyond the ordinary, use your imagination and learn more about the Gemini personality.

Gemini Glyph

Gemini's glyph is the prime symbol of Gemini. It represents the Roman numeral II for duality.

However, as you contemplate the glyph, you might also see a doorway. This doorway speaks to Gemini's ability to open the door to new ideas, new concepts, and significant innovations!

Gemini Twins

The origin of the astrological signs is the constellations and Gemini is one of the brighter constellations in the night sky. It looks like twins (the word "Gemini" means "twins" in Latin) and its distinctive shape is capped by two bright stars, Castor and Pollux.

They are the Greek and Roman mythological half-twin brothers, one is immortal, the other mortal. The twins represent Gemini's dual nature and cool duplicity.

Gemini Planet

Friendly and Articulate, Gemini is ruled by the astrological planet of communication, Mercury. Mercury is named for the fleet-footed Roman messenger of the gods Mercurius (Greek god Hermes).

Like Mercurius, Geminis are quick and mentally agile; their minds can quickly go from higher thought to lower thought.

At the core of every Gemini is a desire to keep information flowing.

Gemini Element

Gemini's astrological element is air, it is astrology's mutable air sign. Moving air is adaptable and can't easily be contained, and Geminis are similar.

A Gemini is not easy to pin down to any one idea, opinion, or commitment. They blow with the breeze and move easily through the mind, spirit and the world.

Gemini Flower

The Lilly of the Valley is one the zodiac flowers that symbolize Gemini. It represents Gemini's childlike innocence, openness, and willingness to see the world with a beginner's mind.

Ancient astrologers also said that the Lilly of the Valley is under the protection of the messenger of the gods, Mercury/Hermes.

Gemini Birthstone

Gemini's zodiac birthstone is the Agate. This stone symbolizes and supports Gemini's highly intellectual nature by enhancing their ability to communicate and supports their emotional strength.

Agate's unifying qualities also enhance a Gemini's ability to and combine their dual nature and create a more unified and beautiful whole.

Gemini Theater Mask

Though not usually considered a Gemini symbol, the comedy and tragedy theater masks say a lot about Gemini. Gemini has two different personalities, and you can never be entirely sure which one is going to make an appearance.

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Gemini Symbols in Art and Nature