Seducing a Taurus

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When it comes to the seduction of a Taurus, there are techniques that'll get the job done, but perhaps the most important thing to remember when attempting to seduce a Taurus is that they are sensual people who appreciate the best and desire everything and everyone to be peaceful and pleasurable.

Seduction Techniques for Attracting a Taurus

Seduction starts long before you're in private with a Taurus, it starts during your initial meeting and conversation.

  • Present a cool, calm, and serene image.
  • Ask questions, tread lightly, and be subtly flirty.
  • Talk slowly and lean in as you talk.
  • Speak quietly so they have to lean in to hear you.
  • Engage in some light non-suggestive touches.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for a phone number or email address.

A Seductive First Date

If your initial meeting leads to a date, below are a few things to remember.

The Look of Money

A Taurus is seduced by the look of financial success, so dress for the occasion but wear the best money can buy.

Indulge a Taurus' Senses

Taurus is an Earth Sign and is finely attuned to the five physical senses. Be touchy-feely and keep in mind that Taurus loves music, poetry, and romantic gestures. However, perhaps the quickest way to a Taurus' heart is through their stomach.

  • If you're dating a Taurus woman, take her flowers and candy when you pick her up for the date and plan a quiet evening at an elegant restaurant complete with soft music and fine wine, paired with a decadent dessert.
  • If you're dating a Taurus man, invite him over for dinner, be feminine and understatedly sexy, splash on an earthy fragrance, have his favorite music playing, put flowers and candles on the table, and serve him an elegant home-cooked meal with the finest wine. Don't skimp on dessert.

Take It Slow and Easy

Don't be surprised if a Taurus man or woman doesn't jump you on a first date; take it slow and easy but don't play hard to get. Trying to make things move faster by playing games will do more harm than good. A Taurus does not like to be rushed, and they're certainly not going to chase you, but they do like honesty and always want to know where they stand with you.

The Seduction Continues

If you make it past the first date to two, you'll want to continue the seduction by keeping the relationship intimate and pleasurable with a lot of soft, suggestive touching, stroking, and general teasing.

Sexual Seduction

As far as sex goes, you'll either have to gently initiate or be patient. There's one essential tip on how to seduce a Taurus sexually. Once they're attracted to you, they'll want to touch you. So, while it may be difficult and sexually frustrating for you, be willing and eager to cuddle with them, touch them, and let them touch you all over to pave the way for deeper and deeper intimacy. Sexually, a Taurus is not known for speed; they're known for endurance.

Taurus Wants Honesty

If these seduction techniques aren't your style and don't come easy for you, it's best to just be yourself. A Taurus wants honesty and can tell when someone is uncomfortable. Your seduction style may work or it may not, much depends on the signs of the other planets and important placements in a Taurus's entire birth chart.

Taurus in Love

A Taurus' approach to love and romance is serious and down to earth. Of course, a Taurus has Venus the Goddess of Love as their ruling planet, so they hardly stand a chance of avoiding love. However, those with the Sun in Taurus are cautious in their pursuit of love and difficult to seduce. But if you're successful in seducing a Taurus, you'll have a patient, loving, loyal, and dependable partner for life.

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