Scorpio Traits: Strengths and Weaknesses

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Scorpio's traits are legendary. People even get a bit shaky when they learn the person they're crushing on is a Scorpio. It's true that physically there's an air of mystery in Scorpio's endlessly deep and hypnotic eyes and they do have a special kind of "knowing" that can make them both precious friends and dangerous enemies, but there's nothing innately bad or evil about a Scorpio.

Common Scorpio Traits

Intense, penetrating, secretive, jealous, introspective, passionate, strong-willed, possessive and probing are words commonly used to describe Scorpio's character. However, a Scorpio is also full of contradictions, including:

  • They love their independence but can suffocate others with their possessiveness.
  • They keep their real motivations, agendas, and feelings hidden, yet delve into other's secrets.
  • They won't be controlled or dominated, yet want control and domination.
  • They are committed to relationships but it's difficult to become their friend or lover.
  • They love to tease others but are often offended when the tables are turned.

The Upside to Scorpio Traits

The upside of a Scorpio is their passion. It's their passion for someone, something, or some idea that's the catalyst for most of Scorpios better traits.

Loyal, Trustworthy, and Faithful

Scorpios are extremely loyal, trustworthy, and faithful. They are protective, will always stand by you, and if they've made a promise you can count on them.

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Focused and Determined

Scorpios are focused and determined. When they make a decision on something it's almost impossible to divert them from their path.

Ambitious and Heroic

Scorpios are ambitious and heroic in their endurance. They aim high and then to ensure they get what they want, they steadily, patiently, and relentlessly persevere. A Scorpio seldom blinks or sweats when it comes to crunch time.

Bravely Handle Failure

Scorpios don't lose sleep over disruptive times and failures. They are survivors who were born to deal with the good and the bad in life. When they fall down, they pick themselves up and start all over again.

An Inner Knowing

A Scorpio is extremely intuitive and perceptive and can't be easily fooled. They just seem to "know" things and make the right decisions at the right time. Scorpios are gifted with the ability to tune into the "feel" of things and then, in an almost magical way, predict what will happen next

The Downside of Scorpio

The downside of Scorpio appears when their passion is taken too far and they can become so obsessed with someone, something, or some idea that they become fanatical, suspicious, cunning and manipulative.

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Suspicious and Distrustful

Trust does not come easy to Scorpios, and unfortunately, even when they are in love, they still feel the need to put their loved ones through a series of tests. These tests, as strange as they may seem, are designed to test their partners' faithfulness and loyalty.

Fanatic and Stubborn

A Scorpio can become so obsessed with their thought and ideas that they can become fanatic over just about anything, including politics, religion, sports, and even people. A fanatical Scorpio becomes stubborn beyond reason and is unwilling to accept they are wrong.

Cunning and Manipulative

Scorpios can become so obsessed with power and control that they become cunning and manipulative in getting others to do their bidding.

Pluto's Role in Forming the Scorpio Personality

The Sign of Scorpio has two ruling planets, Pluto, the planet of metamorphosis and Mars, the planet of sexuality and courage. Both have a powerful influence on the way a Scorpio operates.

  • Pluto is a volatile entity that symbolizes intense passion, destruction, and metamorphosis.
  • Mars bequeaths Scorpio with the fierce inner courage to fight on.

Together they give Scorpio the ability to face life's challenges and emerge from chaos reborn and renewed whether the renewal is physical, emotional or a complete change of lifestyle and career.

Famous Scorpios

Most Scorpios have jobs, relationships, family, personal aspirations and difficulties as well as good and bad traits just like every other Sun sign, but to round things out you can clearly see some Scorpionic characteristics in the biographies of the famous Scorpios listed below.

Inspiration for Scorpios and the People Who Love Them

If you are a Scorpio or know one, and want to know what makes a Scorpio unique, their very best trait is their ability to transform their lives radically and to deeply and profoundly change the lives of others. Remember that transformation is a process that completely changes the nature of a thing but does it in such a way that its very essence remains. Transformation is a Scorpio's special gift.

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