Scorpio Symbol Gallery

Viewing a Scorpio Symbol Gallery

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and viewing a Scorpio symbol gallery may prove just that!

Each image contains a myriad of meanings that pertain to the intense astrological sign of Scorpio.

The sign's symbol is very similar to the symbol of Virgo. However, notice the way that the "M" points outward.

That is supposed to dually symbolize the genitals (the body part this sign rules) as well as Scorpio's legendary "sting".

Young Scorpio

As a child, Scorpio tends to be quiet yet curious.

This combination allows these children to secretly explore their world, while their tough exterior helps protect them while they do just that.

Gender and Scorpio

All Scorpios are known for their probing eyes; Scorpios never blink in a time of crisis or peril.

In love, both women and men born under this sign tend to have a steady, laser-like gaze. They only look away when they're not interested.

Still Waters…

Scorpio is the second of the water signs. Water, like emotions, can remain perfectly still and reflect an image back, or it can churn with frightening intensity.

Stick with Scorpio long enough, and you are sure to witness both!

Pluto Rules Scorpio

Pluto's glyph signifies spirit over matter. Notice the way that spirit (the circle) hovers and rules over the body (the cross).

Scorpio's spirit and deep sense of consciousness have tremendous sway over more corporeal matters.

The Power of Three

Scorpio is the only sign that has three symbols associated with it. All of the other signs have only one.

The first symbol is the most obvious, and perhaps the most well known, the scorpion. The scorpion listens to the vibrations and tremors of the ground, and he's poised to strike if need be.

This symbol represents Scorpio's ability to "feel" the vibrations in the air and to "know" what's coming.

The Eagle

As the second symbol, the eagle symbolizes Scorpio's ability to overcome tremendous obstacles by soaring through the sky.

In other words, Scorpios do best when they take a wide view and fit all of the "pieces" together.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a creature from myth, and it symbolizes Scorpio's ability to rise from the ashes of great peril.

After a period of turmoil, Scorpio has an inherent ability to be reborn and transform him or herself into a completely new being.

Scorpio Tarot Card: Death

Many people are frightened by the death card in tarot, but Scorpio knows better because this is the card of complete transformation, not literal or impending death.

Lord of the Underworld

Pluto (Hades in Greek) is Scorpio's planetary ruler, the brother of Zeus and Neptune, and his domain is the underworld.

Whether you indentify best with Persephone (Hade's "bride") or Hades himself, this knowledge of the underworld gives Scorpio tremendous power to see the darker side of man, while simultaneously knowing the "good". This tremendous gift may best be summed up by famous Scorpio president Teddy Roosevelt when he said "Walk softly, but carry a big stick". A very good piece of advice for Scorpio indeed.

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Scorpio Symbol Gallery