Sagittarius Symbols

Exploring Sagittarius Symbols

Looking for Sagittarius symbols? There are a variety of symbols associated with this sign.

Some are direct representations of Sagittarius while others are symbols of different aspects associated with this sign. Check them out right here.

The Archer

The archer represents Sagittarius' never-ending search for knowledge and truth.

The Centaur

The centaur is an ages old symbol of Sagittarius' free-spirited nature and love of travel.

Sagittarius Glyph

You'll find a simple glyph that's used as the abbreviation for each zodiac sign in the astrological chart.

Sagittarius' glyph symbol is easy to spot because it looks just like the archer's arrow.

Ruled by Jupiter

Jupiter is regarded as the planet of good fortune, and it also happens to be Sagittarius' ruling planet.

As you can see from the chart at the left, Jupiter's symbol looks like a rather elegant number four.

Fire Element

Sagittarius, like all zodiac signs, is also assigned a particular element.

Sags are fire signs, and this means they tend to burn brightly. They are energetic, independent, often fearless and extremely passionate.

On the downside, this fire sign can also be brash and even a bit bossy.

Yang Energy

Each zodiac sign has a certain type of energy, either yin or yang.

Sagittarius has a bold, masculine energy represented by the light portion of the enternal yin yang symbol.

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Sagittarius Symbols