Sagittarius Men and Relationships

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Are relationships with Sagittarius men really worth pursuing? You bet they are, but they're not the best match for shrinking violets. You need to be a strong character in your own right to hold your own with the Archer.

Relationship Challenges With Sagittarius Men

Sagittarius men can be tough to pin down. It's not that difficult to capture their interest, but keeping them in a relationship can be a challenge because these fellows tend to be blunt and honest to a fault. Patience is not one of their strong points. Take a look at the kind of challenges you might face.

Archer Men May Have Commitment Issues

Whether an Archer is the rare quiet type or one who lives out loud, all Sag men have one thing in common. They're typically slow to commit.

  • Archer men put a high value on their freedom.
  • They like feeling as though they can change their plans at the last minute if they get a better idea or offer.
  • These men can go the distance in their work lives, but they prefer no strings in their personal lives if they can avoid them.
  • This doesn't mean they don't want to have relationships because they really do. They just like to keep them casual overall.

A Sagittarius Man Loves the Chase

One of the biggest reasons that relationships with Sagittarius men run out of steam is that Sagittarians really love the thrill of the chase.

  • They get caught up in the newness of a fresh relationship and all there is to discover about their new mate.
  • Unfortunately, every new relationship reaches a plateau where the discovery stage is over, and it's time to find out if the relationship has enough of a foundation for a long term match.
  • This is where some Sags loose interest and may even begin to wander. The smart woman will find ways to keep the zing in the relationship without losing her own sense of self.

He Has a Short Fuse

One of Sagittarius' less pleasant characteristics is having a short fuse that leads to occasional outbursts of temper. Sags can become angry very quickly, and they say things in the heat of the moment that they regret later. Apologies will surely follow.

He Might Cut and Run

A Sagittarius man who isn't happy in a relationship won't find it difficult to say so, even if his partner feels blind-sided. If he can't reach some sort of understanding with his partner to resolve problems, he'll most likely walk away.

Meet the Sagittarian Male

You may think you know all there is to know about Sagittarius men. However, there really is more than one variety of archer even if they each have a lot in common beneath the surface.

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The Classic Sagittarius Man

  • This fellow is the bonvivant - the outgoing life of the party who is up for anything. He likes to read up on the latest news, travel when the mood strikes him and generally chart his own course. Life with this man can be exciting and adventurous for the woman who can hold her own.
  • There is another dimension to the Sagittarian male, and that is a leaning toward bluntness. It is the Archer's burden that he has a tendency to say exactly what he thinks without realizing that his comments can seem thoughtless to others.
  • This man will, in all honesty, tell you that those pants make your behind look big. He doesn't do so to hurt your feelings; he really thinks he's being honest for your benefit, and he's oblivious to the fact that his honesty may have offended you. It takes a confident woman to handle such bluntness without letting it scar her ego.

The Quiet Sagittarian Male

Although it's the outgoing Sagittarians who get the publicity, there is such a thing as a quiet archer.

  • These men tend to observe everything that goes on around them and keep most of what they think to themselves.
  • Their minds are just as active as their boisterous compatriots, and they love excitement and challenges too. They simply don't blurt out everything they're thinking.
  • Even quiet Sagittarians can be guilty of being blunt to a fault. However, they usually do have a lot of wisdom to offer, even if it's difficult to hear.

Committed Sagittarius Men Are Loyal and Loving

It's also important to know that Sagittarius men are very loyal once committed to a relationship.

  • Loyalty is one of the key traits these men look for in a relationship.
  • While it's very true that Sagittarian men like to have a good time, nothing makes them fall out of love faster than being with someone who is fickle in her affections.
  • Men under this zodiac sign will interpret fickleness as being untrue, and these men can't stand someone who lies.
  • Although it can take a lot of effort to pin a Sagittarius man down to an exclusive relationship, it can be well worth the work. When Sags finally do commit, they tend to be very loyal.
  • The relationship won't always be filled with hearts and roses. It still takes some attention to keep these men engaged and content. However, the most difficult part is over once deep bonds are formed.

He's the Original Outdoorsman

Whether through sports or enjoying the outdoors, Sagittarius loves being physical.

  • This is not the type of man who can stay cooped up at home for too long. He needs to be outside exploring his surroundings and experiencing new adventures.
  • This man pairs best with romantic partners who also like to exercise and enjoy outdoor activities.
  • To Sagittarius, life is meant to be explored and he wants a partner who is willing to explore it with him. If you prefer staying at home, Sagittarius might not be your best romantic fit.

Sagittarius As a Lover

Sagittarius is a warm and considerate lover, one who will cater to his lover's needs and be attentive and tender.

  • Sagittarians do have a highly sexual nature and much of that is due to their love of being physical.
  • Know that Sagittarius is very fair in the bedroom and will spend as much time on you as he would want you to spend on him.
  • Time spent with a Sag is apt to be sensual, fun and thoroughly enjoyable.

Best Matches for Sagittarius Men

Some signs present better possibilities than others for having a successful romantic match with fiery Sagittarius.

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  • Other fire signs offer the greatest chance for compatibility because they have so much in common. These include Leo and Aries.
  • Air signs feed fire signs, so Aquarius, Libra and even Gemini can complement the Sagittarian temperament.
  • Grounded earth signs like Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo are likely to lose patience with the archer's ever changing plans, even though they can bring stability to the relationship.
  • Water drowns fire, so Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are likely to make Sagittarius feel stifled. They may also not be thick-skinned enough to withstand Sag's less than tactful opinions.

Sun Signs and Attraction

Your sun sign gives you the outward characteristics that others perceive, but your moon sign affects how you feel things. If you find yourself strongly attracted to a Sagittarius man, go ahead and get to know him even if your sun signs aren't compatible at first glance. There may be deeper aspects of your charts that will help you overcome the differences to find common ground and lasting romance.

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Sagittarius Men and Relationships