Sagittarius Men Traits

You'll have fun with a Sag!
You'll have fun with a Sag!

Sagittarius men are incredibly playful, fun and smart. Whether yours is a philosopher, a jokester or an appealing combination of both, you'll see that there's plenty to love about the archer!

All About Sagittarius Men

Sagittarius men, especially those that have other Sagittarian aspects in their charts, truly believe that a rolling stone gathers no moss. That's why you'll often see them visiting this place and that, and traveling here and there. They are forever on to the next best thing! Here are some of the general characteristics you can expect to see this man exhibit.


These men are agile in both mind and body. Learning new subjects, perfecting their game of tennis and slipping in and out of tense situations comes very naturally to them. Since their opposite sign in the zodiac is Gemini, you'll often see them displaying typical Gemini traits like dexterity. However, the difference between the two is that Gemini likes to know a little bit about everything, and Sagittarius likes to have some command of the subject matter he's discussing.

The Philosopher

Sagittarian males are known for their pontification, and they love sharing their world views and opinions with just about anyone! Catch their eye for a second and pretty soon they'll be chatting you up, finding out where you come from, what you're doing here, etc.

Once a Sag man has dispensed with those niceties, he'll immediately ask your opinion on some current event. Just as you're about to launch into your opinion, he'll charmingly, but deftly, cut you off and launch into a tirade of his own. You, of course, will be completely smitten by his good looks, charming smiles and volcanic passion for all things political!


There's no denying it; Sagittarius men are just plain fun to be around. An exciting energy just seems to permeate the field around them and they are able to make the most mundane tasks, like paying bills or grocery shopping, an elaborate and fun affair filled with variety and "newness". They want to have fun, and they want everyone around them to have fun too.

Nothing brings a Sag man down faster than someone with a long face. At first, he'll try to get you to smile, and in doing so will act silly, attempting to joke you out of your foul mood. If that doesn't work, he'll just move on; he doesn't see any point in wasting his time since you'll only bring him down too, and that's the last thing he wants.

In Romantic Matters

  • To much of a good thing...: However, when it comes to romantic matters, those very same qualities that made you fall in love with this Sag fellow may be the very thing that irritates! All of a sudden, that agility translates into, "Why can't you sit still?" His waxing poetic may make you want to scream, "Why can't I just get a straight answer?" And that fun side of his? It has a sneaky way of turning into "Why can't you ever be serious?"
  • Timing: This change usually happens as the romance deepens and things begin to turn more serious. Nothing makes a Sagittarius man flee faster than the looming prospect of a serious commitment. The last thing this frisky fellow wants to do is morph from a prancing tiger into a domesticated house cat. For that, try a Cancer man!
  • You can still catch him: Nope. In order to catch this man, you'll have to lure him with the promise that nothing will change, that the two of you will always have fun, be carefree and up for any challenges that come your way. If you can make him feel that being committed to you will be one of the most fun and joyous of carnival rides, then he'll happily commit. It's not an easy road to navigate, but keep your smile firmly in place and trek on. This guy is definitely worth it!

Some Closing Thoughts

Sagittarius men are not just all about fun. In fact, these fellows are incredibly bright, and if you enjoy discussing a wide range of topics then you should find him an active and intriguing partner. He rarely gets angry, and he almost never gets jealous, so all those little love-games won't work on him. However, if you are in the market for a terrific partnership full of give and take, this is the gent for you!

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Sagittarius Men Traits