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Interpreting Sagittarius Love Horoscopes

Jacqueline Dautaj
Isn't love grand?
Isn't love grand?

Sagittarius love horoscopes are all about an "economy of one's energy". That's because Pluto has been your constant companion for the past fourteen years. There's no need to worry though; that doesn't mean that love has been boring. Quite the contrary! In fact, thanks to the influence of slow moving Pluto, the normally footloose and fancy free Sagittarius has slowly grown more serious about love.

Explaining Sagittarius Love Horoscopes

Many factors influence Sagittarius love horoscopes, but the transit of Pluto is one of the most important factors because these effects are non-negotiable. Since 1994, Pluto has been in the constellation of Sagittarius, so since that time you may have found life to be tense, more exacting and at times, downright aggravating.

Now, trials and tribulations are never fun to go through, but Pluto's job is to get to one's core and purify it. This is important because it means that whatever you are magnetizing is actually what you want. This is a very important lesson for Sagittarius. Normally enthusiastic and amiable, many Sagittarians find that they can get along with just about anybody. However, here's the rub; Pluto doesn't want this. This holds true for your love life as well.

It is in your romantic life that you may first feel the effects of Pluto. Here's why things have been so strange:

  • Wasting time is no longer an option: At any other time, many Sagittarians could simply take or leave a serious romantic commitment. That era is over.
  • Intensity of feelings: Sag's are famous for laughing off overly affectionate gestures. Not anymore! With Pluto's stay, intensity is what you crave.
  • Structures that stand the test of time: No other sign, other than perhaps Gemini, is tougher to wrangle a proposal out of! Now that Pluto is nearing the end of its stay, you'll want structures or commitments that are built to last.

The Eclipses

The eclipses occur in specific houses for a total of eighteen months. In terms of the Sagittarius love horoscopes, these eclipses are occurring in your third house of siblings, neighbors and communication (both written and verbal), and your ninth house of publishing, religion, higher learning and long distance relatives.

The important thing to remember about the eclipses is that they act like wild cards in a deck; you can almost never predict what will happen. The most one can do is plan for the area in the chart they are falling in. When it comes to love, you may decide to go back to school to finish up a degree and meet someone there. This is because the ninth house will be active.

Amazingly, because your third house is lit up, it's quite possible that you'll be running an errand and meet someone. The most important thing one should take away form these love horosocpes is that romantic matters will be strongly influenced by Pluto and the economy of energy.

That means you'll have the greatest chance of meeting that terrific somebody if you are using your time wisely. The days of sitting on the stoop and waiting for the love of your life are gone (and incidentally, if you've already met the love of your life that way, it is because it's meant to be!).

An Example

Here's a hypothetical example to help clarify how all of these various elements work in tandem. However, this is just one way that romantic events may play themselves out.

For the past year, you've been feeling listless, like there's more you should be doing (Pluto's influence). Unexpectedly, a distant relative passes on and leaves you a large chunk of money (the eclipse at work).

Knowing that you should do something significant with this great gift, you decide to go back to school. There, you meet the most charming, witty and attractive individual you've seen in ages.

Save the Best for Last

This is often a kind universe and every once in a while, something magical happens for each sign of the zodiac. Sagittarius, that day is close at hand. On December 5, 2008, the cosmic lovers Mars and Venus will meet in your sign. This is the most fantastic love news any zodiac sign could hope for! When these two mythical lovers get together, sparks fly and romance blossoms, so be sure to be out and about, dressed to the nines during that time.

Here's the only caveat. The degree where Mars and Venus meet will vary depending on your own birth chart. To combat this, give a wide berth of one week before and one week after this date to see some magic happen. Other than that, you've got the green light Sagittarius, so enjoy!

Interpreting Sagittarius Love Horoscopes