Romantic Profile of Taurus

Taurus' Romantic Inclinations

A romantic profile of Taurus depends largely on the gender of the Taurus as well as their entire astrological birth chart. Compatibility is determined by comparing the natal charts of both a Taurus and his mate. A professional astrologer is often hired to accomplish this task. However, knowing just a bit about a Taurus' romantic inclinations can clue you in on what attracts a Taurus and what a romantic relationship with these sensuous individuals could be like.

Governing Characteristics

Taurus is a fixed earth sign and is therefore governed by practicality. They are generally well-adjusted, grounded, stable, and hardworking individuals who are focused on living the best life possible. Despite their tendency towards stubbornness, people of this earth sign can make solid mates.

How to Attract a Taurus

If your heart is set on a Taurus, be patient and rethink how you flirt. A Taurus is not into pickup lines, so you have to take a more subtle approach. It's the little things you do, such as being friendly and interesting, dressed for success, making eye contact and a confidant and serene demeanor, that will attract a Taurus.

How to Know if a Taurus Is Attracted

If a Taurus is attracted to you, they will linger, want to know all about you, compliment you, and show they truly value your opinions, values, and goals. The most obvious sign a Taurus is interested is when they find reasons to be appropriately physically affectionate.

Dating a Taurus

A Taurus loves the city culture, but they also enjoy spending time in nature. This means that dating a Taurus can include everything from a walk in the park, a camping trip, or a drive in the country to taking in an art gallery, wining and dining at gourmet restaurants, and attending a symphony and even a rock concert.

How a Taurus Shows Love

Both male and female Taurus are the strong silent type, but when in love their romantic side will shine. They'll make an effort to communicate with you, be physically affectionate, they'll cook for you, nurture you and go out of their way to do for you. However, a Taurus who is in love will be possessive of their lover.

Relationship Oriented

A Taurus love profile reveals that individuals governed largely by this astrological sign are not afraid to commit. In fact, they feel most secure in a deeply committed relationship. Though a Taurus needs to be assured of the loyalty of their partner and is often slow to commit, they tend to be wonderful marriage partners.

Too Stable?

It is difficult for a Taurus to start a break-up. They are stable individuals, and this need for stability hinders their critical thinking capacities. Taureans may have a hard time isolating the negative qualities of their mates and determining that a relationship is not working.

The Taurus Man

Taurus males are defined by their inherent calm and stability. They are loyal, dependable, and protective, but are not led by romanticism. He's a man is too clever for the concept of "love at first sight". But he has significant romantic potential.

Handling a Taurus Man

A Taurus man is a peaceful and but strong-willed guy who wants to be in charge and doesn't like sudden changes or drama. The best way to handle this stubborn man is to be patient, calm, loving, in control of yourself and never attempt to tell him what to do. The more serene his life, the happier he'll be.

The Taurus Woman

Taurus females are defined by inner strength. They are capable, hardworking individuals who can fall prey to the infamous Taurus temper. She's also a woman who tends to make stable easy-going mate. She typically takes a submissive role in a relationship and prefers to stay in the background while her mate leds the way.

Romancing a Taurus Woman

Romance is a sensual experience for a Taurus woman. She wants to be pursued, courted, touched, pampered, and wooed. So be generous, creative, and hands-on.


A Taurus love profile wouldn't be complete without mentioning this sign's attraction to beauty. Taurus, of both genders, are highly affected by beautiful people and surroundings. Yes, physical attractiveness will be of great importance when they approach a romance.

Compatibility Complexities

Taurus is most compatible with other earth and water signs, specifically Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo, and Pisces. While the aggressive qualities of fire signs can be a threat to their calm nature and the air signs are often too wandering and theoretical to match the stable characteristics of a Taurus. The love profile of a Taurus will also be influenced by the placement of the Moon and Venus within his or her natal chart.

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